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Welcome to the Hong Kong Academy website! We are glad you chose to learn more about our school.
HKA is a lead international school with a personal, individualised approach to education and an engaged, close-knit community. With well over 600 students, HKA offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. At HKA, we value active inquiry, celebrate curiosity, and engage students in the wonder of learning.
Our website is organised around the HKA’s 5 fundamentals as articulated in our mission statement:
  • Rigorous international education
  • Pathways to individual excellence
  • Captivating learning environment
  • Dynamic community of learners
  • Educational leader
Please browse the website to learn more and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Admissions team will be delighted to tell you more and arrange a visit to our campus. You can contact them at admissions@hkacademy.edu.hk.
- Stephen Dare, Head of School



Mission & Vision

HKA Mission Statement
Hong Kong Academy is a dynamic learning community that provides a rigorous international education characterised by mutual benefit and support. As an educational leader, HKA empowers learners to pursue pathways to individual excellence by fostering creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. HKA learners develop an evolving understanding of our changing world, leading them to engage in responsible action motivated by their interests, strengths and ongoing reflection. HKA is committed to maintaining a diverse, collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for the future.
Vision Statements
Pathways to Individual Excellence
HKA believes that a diverse community, grounded in mutual respect, enhances learning for all members of the community. Learning with friends who come from different parts of the world, speak different languages at home, identify with different religions and belief systems and possess different skills, talents and interests develops open-mindedness, an important component of our students’ future success.
At HKA, diversity includes learning styles and abilities. HKA’s student body is rich in individuals who reflect the world at large and who possess an array of talents across multiple pathways to individual excellence: intellectual, physical, social and emotional.
Diversity on its own is static and value neutral. To make diversity dynamic and positive requires the intentional inclusion of all students in every aspect of the life of the school. Hong Kong Academy is committed to a practice of inclusion based on three fundamental beliefs that all children:
  • Have gifts to be nurtured and celebrated.
  • Can learn in one environment, collectively, collaboratively and to their mutual benefit.
  • Deserve the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential.
HKA implements these beliefs through:
  • Admissions and hiring policies that promote intentional diversity.
  • Differentiated teaching methods and internationally-sourced best practices that engage and respect diverse learners.
  • Inclusive classrooms and practices.
  • Pathways to individual excellence that facilitate personal definitions of success that culminate in three paths to graduation.
Pathways to Individual Excellence and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism 
through pathways to individual excellence that nurture:
“Global citizens who are self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying; constantly seeking to identify personal strengths and challenges; committed to recognising and valuing the contributions and capacities of the people around them; and developing interdependence through tolerance and understanding.”
HKA as an Educational Leader
As HKA further develops its unique curriculum, programmes and learning culture, the school has a responsibility to share its best practices and success stories with the larger educational community. The school’s faculty and administration continually converse and collaborate with leading educational institutions and organisations as well as with colleagues in international schools regionally and globally.
HKA is especially committed to engaging in professional dialogue with other leaders in education who promote innovative and creative ways of supporting students and who seek to improve instructional practices through prototyping and feedback. Teachers are encouraged to pursue further professional development and share their day-to-day experiences at HKA with the wider educational community. In doing so, they become ambassadors for the school through experiences such as acting as workshop leaders and presenters, accreditation team visitors and as writers for journals or other publications.
HKA students also have tremendous capacity to provide leadership and engage in meaningful action and service culminating in the Global Citizenship Diploma. We believe that our students have an individual and a collective responsibility to the neighbourhood around them, Hong Kong, China and the wider world. Our community is committed to service learning that goes beyond simply learning about problems “over there” and supports hands-on responses to address particular needs and challenges. Students, parents and faculty work together to:
  • Tackle challenges that students identify as significant.
  • Provide leadership on campus for issues affecting the HKA community.
  • Mobilise their peers and others to tackle tough problems such as environmental sustainability, social justice and economic viability.
  • Develop and implement service programmes to address identified needs.
  • Engage in ongoing and open dialogue about the gap between personal interest and organisational goals in order to optimise institutional potential.
Educational Leadership and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through educational leadership that nurtures:
“Global citizens who recognise and want to develop their capacity to lead, who care about significant issues, act with empathy, take responsibility for their actions and respond in age-appropriate ways.”
Rigorous International Education
HKA provides a rigorous international education for Early Childhood, Primary School and Secondary School students. Working within its framework of Learning, Growing and Understanding and authorised as an International Baccalaureate World School offering all three programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma), HKA provides a rigorous curriculum that promotes depth and breadth of understanding and challenges students to reach their full potential.
The idea of educational “rigour” can mean different things to different audiences. HKA has adapted the definition of “rigour” put forward in Strong, Silver and Perini’s (2001) Teaching What Matters Most: Standards and Strategies for Raising Student Achievement:
“Rigour is the goal of helping students develop their individual capacity to understand content and approach dilemmas that are complex, ambiguous, provocative and personally, physically or emotionally challenging.” 
This understanding of rigour underscores every aspect of the HKA experience, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. As the HKA community learns, grows and furthers its understanding together, students engage in a world – and in a world of knowledge – that is complex, ambiguous, provocative and challenging. HKA prepares students for a future where what they know and what they need to know, is in unprecedented flux. It is a cliché to note that today’s concrete knowledge will be outdated within a few years, but that reality is clear. Students therefore must be taught how to learn and how to continue to learn while also gaining fundamental skills.
Rigorously educated students are resilient and demonstrate a strong sense of self-management, self-awareness and self-advocacy, evidenced by their ability to:
  • Communicate
  • Think 
  • Collaborate
  • Self-manage
  • Research
Rigorous International Education and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through a rigorous international education that nurtures:
“Global citizens with the capacity and inclination to apply facts, concepts and skills in new situations and in ways that demonstrate that they are empathetic, ethical, aware, committed and perserverant.”
Dynamic Community of Learners
Everyone at Hong Kong Academy - past, present and future - is a part of the school’s dynamic community of learners. Whether on campus every day, occasionally, or even only once, all students, teachers, staff, parents, former parents, alumni, visitors, specialists and consultants impact the school’s learning environment. Not everyone has the same type of impact and some contributions may be more visible or tangible than others. But everyone has an impact.
HKA’s culture of philanthropy statement recognises that the school is shaped by all of the gifts, talents and contributions of the many, diverse people who take part or have taken part in the life of the school. Because HKA is a dynamic community, it is more than the sum total of its parts. The community’s energy, dedication and collaborative approaches to action organically lead to a high level of connectivity with and service to others, whether within the school, within the local community, or beyond Hong Kong to the world.
HKA supports a dynamic community of learners in several ways. Beginning with the admissions process, the school clearly articulate the school’s mission in an effort to attract and enrol mission-aligned families. For currently enrolled families, HKA keeps the connectivity to parents strong through high rates of volunteerism, effective communications and a culturally-sensitive advancement programme. When families and students move from HKA, the school stays in touch with regular updates and events in key cities around the world. 

A Dynamic Learning Community and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism 
through a dynamic learning community that nurture:
“Global citizens who appreciate their ability to impact the world around them by choosing to value diverse communities, to act responsibly in co-ordination with others and to support meaningful philanthropic endeavours.”
Captivating Learning Environment
Faculty and staff are our most valuable resource and have the greatest impact on the quality of learning experiences for students. HKA is committed to finding the best teachers from around the world and nurturing their talents by providing access to high quality professional development. To promote continuity and sustainable change, teachers are encouraged to seek personal growth opportunities within school, locally, regionally and internationally that align with the mission and priorities of the school.
The school offers competitive salaries and benefits in order to attract and retain an international faculty with a broad range of experience. Similarly, the school seeks professionals who can develop inspiring learning cultures by implementing HKA’s teaching and learning standards and are willing to make contributions to the school community beyond the classroom. Small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios ensure that all students are able to fully engage the facilities and curriculum in ways that are creative and safe.
A school’s physical plant is perhaps a silent partner in the learning experience, but it is nonetheless a powerful, dynamic and even determining factor in the overall quality of the daily experience for students, faculty and staff. Up to date technology is embedded in the building and integrated fully into the curriculum, including a one-to-one laptop programme in the Secondary School. The use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials and construction practices have earned the school a BEAM+ Platinum rating, making it the only campus in Hong Kong to have achieved the highest rating of environmental friendliness possible. This attention to the building’s contribution to the learning environment has provided the school with the entry point for establishing operational and maintenance practices that are both ethical and sustainable. 

Captivating Learning Environment and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through a captivating learning environment that nurtures:
“Global citizens through best practice in the classroom and with a physical environment that promotes sustainability and that encourages international-mindedness in its use of visual media and signage.”
Core Values
Five core values support the the implementation of HKA’s mission statement on a daily basis:
  • Rigorous and Inclusive International Education
  • Captivating Learning Environment
  • Pathways to Individual Excellence
  • Dynamic Community of Learners
  • Educational Leadership
These five mutually supportive and reinforcing concepts form the foundation for learning and service at HKA and underscore all activity and outreach to further the school’s mission of maintaining a diverse, collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for the future.

Our website includes lots of information and reflection about these core values. In addition, you can visit our Profiles page to view our School Profile and, for more specific information about our Secondary School, our Academic Profile.
Strategic Plan
Click here to view a PDF document (4Mb) that outlines our 5 year Strategic Plan for the years 2014 to 2019.



Hong Kong Academy is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes for students from early childhood to Grade 12.
Hong Kong Academy’s Instructional Programme
The International Baccalaureate Programme is one of the most rigorous academic programmes in the world. Stressing an inquiry-based, child-centred approach to learning the IB is characterised by:
  • A flexible curriculum framework enabling students to transfer to similar schools around the world, of which there are well over 2000 in over 120 countries
  • Emphasis on the whole student
  • Integration of personal, social and emotional development into the curriculum
  • Integration of entire family into the educational process
  • Emphasis on service learning as well as classroom learning
For more information about the International Baccalaureate, please visit the IBO’s website.
Culture of Learning at Hong Kong Academy
HKA fosters a culture of learning that celebrates curiosity, creativity and collaboration:
  • Globally sourced, research-based instructional practices from across the globe
  • Whole school learning community
  • “Units of Inquiry” integrate diverse subject areas and skills
  • Integrated specialist subjects (physical education, information technology, library, visual and performing arts)
  • Focus on learning process, not rote memorisation and testing
  • Daily Mandarin lessons in Primary School
  • World Language programme begins in Secondary School
  • Full-time Mandarin Co-teacher in PK1 and PK2 classrooms
HKA’s Learner Support Services
  • Students with a range of learner support needs learn in a mainstream environment
  • Expertly staffed Learner Support Center
  • Inclusion Support teachers and One-to-One Inclusion Support teachers and co-teachers for students with needs requiring this level of support
  • Full-time Occupational Therapist with an on-site OT Room
  • Full-time Speech and Language Therapist
Integrated Technology
  • Teaching and learning programme utilising individualised technology
  • Wireless campus
  • IT Portal with desktop Macs and laptops available for classroom use
  • One-to-One student laptop programme from Grade 5 onwards
Student Hours
Primary School Student Hours
PK 1 & PK2:
- 8am to 12:30pm:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 8am to 12:20pm on Wednesdays
K to Grade 5:
- 8am to 3pm*:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 8am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays
Secondary School Student Hours
- 7:50am to 3pm*: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
- 7:50am to 12:20pm: Wednesdays
* A new dismissal time of 3:10pm for K-G12 students will be implemented for the 2018-19 school year.
Class Size and Structure
From Early Childhood to High School
Offering an inquiry-based, child-centered education within the International Baccaulareate framework: Primary Years Programme (PK1-Grade 5), Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-10) and IB Diploma (Grades 11-12). IB Certificates and an HKA Diploma are also available for students who decide not to purse the full IB Diploma.

Primary School:
  • Early Childhood Programme (PK1-Grade 1)
  • Upper Primary School Programme (Grade 2-Grade 5)
Secondary School:
  • Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-10)
  • Diploma Programme (Grades 11-12)
  • Certificates and diploma for students not pursuing the IB Diploma
Student and Faculty Demographics
Intimate Learning Environment:
  • Over 600 students; expanding to 660
  • Small class sizes
  • Student/teacher ratio of 6:1
  • Two classes per grade level in the Primary School
  • Up to 66 per grade level starting in Grade 6
Diverse Community:
  • International student body with no one country representing a majority
  • Focusing on understanding the different learning needs and strengths of students
  • Financial assistance available
Demographics of Student Population:
  • 70% from Sai Kung and New Territories
  • 26% from Hong Kong Island
  • 4% from Kowloon and outlying islands
Experienced, Dedicated Staff
Head of School Stephen Dare, Acting Secondary School Principal Joanne Crimmins and Primary School Principal Virginia Hunt, all have postgraduate degrees in education and educational administration. 
  • Approximately 60% of HKA teachers have graduate degrees
  • Significant commitment to professional development, both in-house and external
  • Low turnover of highly committed staff
For additional information, please view our online School & Academic Profiles.



School Leadership

Stephen Dare, Head of School

Stephen is the Head of School at Hong Kong Academy. He earned his undergraduate degree in Education from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom and his Masters in International Education and Administration from Oxford Brookes University. After starting his career as a pre-school teacher in Southeast England, Stephen worked as an administrator in international schools in North and South America as well as in Southeast Asia. He has been a co-trainer for the Principals’ Training Center Summer Institutes for Curriculum and Leadership and for Leadership and Team Dynamics and is currently in the process of becoming a Cognitive Coaching trainer. Stephen has presented on aspects of coaching and the role of coaching in building institutional trust at schools and conferences in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. This year, he will be starting his doctoral studies on how schools can build cultures of trust through professional development and what role student voice has in this process. He is the Treasurer of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) Board and sits on the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) Board and the Next Frontier Inclusion and Common Ground Collaborative Advisory Boards.
Joanna Crimmins, Secondary School Principal (Acting)

Joanna is the Acting Secondary School Principal at Hong Kong Academy; prior to this appointment she served as an MYP/DP Drama teacher, MYP Co-ordinator and DP Co-ordinator at HKA. Joanna holds Bachelor's degrees in Drama and Education from the University of Wales and a Masters degree in Education Leadership and Management. Joanna is also an experienced MYP and DP educator who has worked in a range of leadership roles at state schools in the UK as well as at international schools in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong; her experience includes being Deputy Head of Secondary School, Head of Pastoral Care and Head of Department. Joanna is passionate about the HKA community and is committed to supporting the ongoing growth of our Secondary School programme.
Virginia Hunt, Primary School Principal

Virginia Is the Primary School Principal. She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and an Advanced Master’s in Educational Leadership for Change both degrees were earned from Bank Street College, New York. Virginia holds New York State Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education as well as Administrative Certification for Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12. Virginia is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World Leader trainer and regularly presents regionally and Internationally with a focus on leadership and the Primary Years Programme. She is also a Next Frontier Inclusion Reviewer and has supported schools on their journey to inclusion regionally. Virginia has taught grade levels Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5. She began her international career by opening an international school in Frankfurt, Germany. Prior to joining Hong Kong academy in 2007, Virginia worked at the American school of Dubai in a range of teaching and administrative roles. She lives in Sai Kung with her husband, son and daughter, both of her children have come through Hong Kong Academy as students.
Kristel Solomon-Saleem, Director of Learner Support

Kristel is the Director of Learner Support at Hong Kong Academy. She is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA , with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary and Special Education. She became certified in both areas prior to receiving her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. Kristel began her career overseas with starting a Learner Support programme in Abuja, Nigeria in 2007.  Prior to working with international schools, she taught and mentored students within the high incidence and “at risk” population in, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland.  Kristel’s passion for teaching and learning have lead her to working closely with the Next Frontier Inclusion Conversation as a workshop leader and Design Team Support member. She has had the opportunity to lead workshops for The Special Education Needs In Asia Conference (SENIA), Eastern Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and contribute to the IB Guidelines for Inclusive Education. In addition to working with other international school’s Learner Support programmes, Kristel continues to do work with the American Chambers of Commerce Education Affairs Group, in effort to support international schools in Hong Kong to become more inclusive.
Cheryl Palamarek, Director of Admissions & Enrolment

Cheryl is originally from Canada and graduated from University of Alberta with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. She has held multiple roles in international education over the last two decades including Assistant Director of Learner Support, Director of Admissions, Primary School Assistant Principal and Early Childhood Educator. Cheryl has lived and worked in many countries including New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Cheryl joined Hong Kong Academy in August of 2014 where she is currently the Director of Admissions and Enrolment.
Andy Birch, Director of Technology

Andy is the Director of Technology at Hong Kong Academy. Andy joined HKA in 2009 as a grade 5 teacher, having previously worked in London, Bangladesh and Beijing as a primary teacher and ICT co-ordinator. Since joining HKA, Andy has been the primary ICT co-ordinator, become an IB PYP workshop leader, helped develop the ICT in the PYP framework with the IB, received a Master’s in Educational Technology and become Director of Technology.
Andy juggles the responsibilities of supporting all technology at HKA, with being the father of two young children, one who is in the early years at HKA, as well as spending many hours exploring the hills and trails around Sai Kung.
Laura Mitchell, Director of Institutional Advancement

Laura is Director of Institutional Advancement at Hong Kong Academy. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Pomona College and a PhD in history from Yale University. She began her career as a history professor but moved into non-profit management and fundraising, including several years at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. She is active in the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, serving on conference planning committees for the Asia region and is a frequent conference speaker on advancement and communications. She is also a Board Member of the Vesper Society, a San Francisco-based foundation that promotes healthy communities. At Vesper, she has served on the Programme Committee and Audit Committee, chaired the Personnel Committee and is currently chairing the 50th Anniversary Committee. She and her husband have two daughters, both attending Hong Kong Academy.
Dale Willetts, Chief Financial Officer

Dale Willetts is HKA's Chief Financial Officer. Joining HKA in 2009, his first five years of contributions at the school included the planning, financing, construction and transition to HKA's purpose built campus in Sai Kung. Since the move to the new campus in 2013 Dale's focus has been on adopting best practices in independent school operations, financial procedures and systems to support HKA's mission and strategic priorities.
A native of Canada, Dale has lived in Hong Kong for the past 26 years. Prior to joining HKA, Dale was a successful entrepreneur with investments in the food and beverage industry in Hong Kong and early childhood education in Shenzhen, China. His experience also includes 5 years of serving on the Board of another leading, private, independent school in Hong Kong where he made meaningful contributions in areas of school finances and governance. Dale and his wife Alyssa have one child currently attending university in Canada.
Jennifer Swinehart, Director of Research and Development

Jennifer Swinehart is the Director of Research and Development at Hong Kong Academy. She joined HKA in 2010 as an MYP/DP English language and literature teacher and was also the school's IB MYP Co-ordinator for five years. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Jennifer worked as a middle school English teacher and Literacy Coach in Denver, Colorado in the United States and was also the middle school English Programme Leader at International School Manila in the Philippines. Jennifer facilitates courses on Personalising Learning and Creating Inclusive Communities for the Teachers Training Center Summer Institutes and runs workshops on leadership and change, differentiation and concept-based curriculum at international schools and conferences. She is an IB MYP workshop leader, school visitor, curriculum reviewer and consultant and is in the process of becoming an Adaptive Schools trainer. Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Latin and Classical Studies, a Masters degree in Multidisciplinary Sciences and is currently completing her doctoral dissertation about student perceptions of the ways cognitive, metacognitive and affective skills are taught in grades 6-10.
Board of Trustees:
Roles and Responsibilities
The Board is the guardian of Hong Kong Academy’s Mission. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the Mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of Hong Kong Academy in fulfilling its Mission.
The Board of Trustees has four standing committees: Advancement, Finance, Scholarship and Trustees. The Scholarship Committee operates as a subcommittee of the Trustees Committee. The committees include Board and non-Board members.
If you are interested in joining a Board of Trustees Committee, contact the Board Secretary at trustees@hkacademy.edu.hk.
Individual board member bios are below (in alphabetical order):
Tom Baxter
Tom grew up in the Boston area and attended The Roxbury Latin School and Harvard University. Tom works for Wellington Management Company, where he has served in various leadership roles since 2000, including Investment Research and Portfolio Management, Client Relationship Management, Special Projects, and where he currently serves as the Business Manager for the company’s operations across the Asia Pacific region. Tom has been a member of the HKA Finance Committee since 2013 and regularly coaches basketball for the school’s Weekend Sports programme. Tom and Jill have three boys who have each attended HKA since January 2012. The Baxters live in Mid-levels, which is a quick (and mostly downhill!) 40-minute morning commute by school bus to Sai Kung.
John Coffeng
John was born and raised in Canada and graduated from Queen’s University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He and his wife Jeannette moved to Hong Kong in 1995. John worked for UBS for 14 years, most recently as a Managing Director heading the Asian equity derivatives trading team. He is currently on leave from the industry. The family first joined the HKA community in 2005 and have been active members ever since. John helped lead the Building for the Future Campaign to raise funds for the new Sai Kung campus and currently sits on the Finance Committee. John has three children, his two daughters are currently at HKA.
Phillip Georgiou
Philip was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2011 and has the roles of Secretary and Vice-Chair. He and his wife, Mesh, moved to Hong Kong from Melbourne, Australia in 2000. They have three daughters who began as students at Hong Kong Academy in pre-kindergarten. Phil is a partner at the law firm Baker Botts LLP and practices in the area of international arbitration.
Lauren Houghton
Lauren grew up in Massachusetts and holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. After law school, she became a litigator in Boston with Hale and Dorr and then in New York with Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Later she worked as a white-collar criminal defense attorney at Hafetz and Necheles in New York until she decided to devote her time to her family. She was on the board of the Gateway School of New York, a school for bright children who learn differently. Since moving to Hong Kong in January 2013, Lauren has become a volunteer consultant with Asian Charity Services, providing business-consulting services to NGOs. She lives in Clearwater Bay with her husband and two children, a son and daughter currently attending Hong Kong Academy.
Joshua Kahn
Joshua is Managing Director and Partner at Ion Pacific, where he heads the firm's Funds Advisory business. Josh joined Ion Pacific as part of its acquisition of Old Peak Partners, a strategic advisory firm based in Hong Kong that he founded in 2014. Previously, Joshua was Managing Director at Hamilton Lane, a leading global private equity investment firm. While at Hamilton Lane, Joshua established Hamilton Lane's Hong Kong office, where he helped develop and manage Hamilton Lane’s institutional client base in Asia and was responsible for its investment activities in the region. In addition, Joshua served as a member of Hamilton Lane's Portfolio Strategy Committee, which set the firm's global investment agendas. Prior to Hamilton Lane, Joshua held investment and corporate finance positions with Loews Corporation, a publicly-traded diversified financial holding company. He also spent time as a research analyst at a value-oriented financial markets journal and as an associate in the enterprise valuation group of a global professional services firm. Joshua earned his MBA from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania. Joshua has been a member of the HKA Finance Committee since 2013 and was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2017. He and his wife, Tracy, have three children, all of whom are currently at HKA, with their eldest having first enrolled in the autumn of 2011.
Sean A. Kelly
Sean joined Modern Terminals in Aug 1999. After five-and-a-half years in the capacity of Deputy Managing Director, Sean was appointed as CEO of the company with effect on 1 April 2005. Sean has more than 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. Prior to joining Modern Terminals, he was with American President Lines (APL), where he held a number of management positions, including postings in Asia as APL's Managing Director in the Philippines and in Taiwan. The latter position involved direct responsibility for APL’s operations in Hong Kong and China. In his last position for APL, he had global responsibility as Vice President of Terminal Operations. Sean holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame and he has served on a number of international transportation company boards. Sean has two children; his daughter is currently at Hong Kong Academy and his son has graduated.
Neil Raymond
Neil was born in the UK and was educated there until 1990. He attended Warwick and Cambridge University to study Engineering and Management. He travelled extensively before joining Shell Exploration and Production in 1992 to work on Oil and Gas Field development around the world and qualified as a Chartered Engineer. In 1997 he attended INSEAD business school in France to complete an MBA and in 1999 Neil moved to Hong Kong and founded Pacific Prime, an insurance distribution company focused on the automotive and health insurance sectors. Neil and his wife Sunny have lived in Sai Kung since 2009 and have four children, three of whom attend HKA. The family is a long term supporter of the charity "Room to Read".
Chris Ryan
Chris is originally from Melbourne, Australia but has lived in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. He has three sons, two of whom attended HKA when it was at the Stubbs Road campus. One is at University in Australia and the other is now working for a fund management company in Hong Kong. Chris has been in the investment and finance industry for more than 30 years and is Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific for MSCI Inc. a US company specialising in investment information, risk management systems and portfolio analytics. Chris graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Business. He is also a member of the Monash University Global Leaders Forum and is involved in providing a global perspective for development of the university’s regional education presence.
Adrian Valenzuela
Adrian is Co-CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of MCM Partners, a boutique capital markets advisory firm based in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and prior to MCM Partners, Adrian worked at Barclays Capital as a Managing Director and Head of Distribution for Equity Liquid Markets across the Asia Pacific Region. Adrian served as Managing Director and Co-Head of Global Equities distribution for JP Morgan from 2007 where he was also part of the Global Executive Committee and held various senior positions previously at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers in London and New York. Adrian holds a BA in Economics from ITAM in Mexico as well as other certificates and degrees, including the Senior Leadership Programme from Stanford University, where he sits on the board of their Hong Kong Alumni Association. He currently works as an active mentor and investor in various start-ups in the fields of technology and finance. He is a founder and board member of social-focused technology startup Instant Karma, as well as the Pier Court Shipping Fund amongst others. Adrian has two daughters at Hong Kong Academy.







Academic Profile 2017-18

School Profile 2017-18




Annual Report

HKA Annual Report 2016-17
Click here to view HKA's current Annual Report in interactive 'flipbook' format. There is a print function available in the flipbook.
If you have issues viewing on your device, a PDF version is available here.
Annual Report Archive (PDFs)
2015-16  |  2014-15  |  2013-14  |  2012-13  |  2011-12
Printed copies of all Annual Reports are available on request from the Communications Department.



Accreditation & Affiliations

Hong Kong Academy has been authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP) since 2004, the IB Diploma Programme (DP) since 2009 and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) since 2013.

Hong Kong Academy is accredited by The Western Association of Schools and College (WASC).

Hong Kong Academy is an accredited member of Council of International Schools (CIS).

Hong Kong is an active member of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS). ACAMIS co-ordinates student co-curricular tournaments and professional development programmes for staff of member schools.

Hong Kong Academy has been a member of East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) since 2004. EARCOS provides Professional Development opportunities for teachers and administrators across the East Asia region.




Working With Us

Welcome to Hong Kong Academy!

We are glad that you are interested in working at HKA. HKA is a dynamic learning community with an inclusive learning environment. Enrolling over 600 students, HKA is a community school offering the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP and Diploma Programmes. HKA’s curriculum and teaching methods are globally-sourced and research-based.
As our mission statement makes clear, HKA offers a rigorous international education and values pathways to individual excellence. Faculty and staff at HKA believe in challenging and nurturing the capacities of all students and helping them stretch to reach their full potential. Class sizes are small in order to maintain an intimate environment, ensure strong relationships, foster effective communication, integrate parents into our learning processes, and offer differentiated instruction.
Thank you again for your interest in the HKA community.
Stephen Dare
Head of School

Available Positions
Please email recruitment@hkacademy.edu.hk to apply for teaching & support staff positions.
- Teaching -
Learner Support Inclusion One-to-One Co-teachers
Primary School Co-teacher 
- Support Staff -
Grounds Maintenance Custodian 
School Nurse 
Marketing and Branding Manager 
- After School Activities (ASA) Partnership -
We are currently looking for providers for the following courses:
- Robotics
- Martial Arts
- Creative Arts Programmes
If you are interested in offering an ASA at Hong Kong Academy, please contact asa@hkacademy.edu.hk and include:
1. Valid Business Registration
2. Insurance quotation of HK$10m
3. 13 - 15hrs Lesson Plan
4. Price
5. Company background and instructor's qualification.
The Recruitment Process
At Hong Kong Academy we firmly believe that quality education is highly dependent on both the recruitment and the development of a talented and a vibrant staff.
To this end, we place critical importance, and expend considerable energy, on the recruitment and training of staff. The vast majority of teachers are hired through interviews held at recruitment fairs in Asia, Europe and North America each year. All vacancies are listed on the HKA website as well as with TIE online, Search Associates, ISS, CIS and recruitment agencies.
Hong Kong Academy seeks talented and energetic individuals who are committed to working in a collaborative and supportive learning environment and where professional and curriculum development are ongoing. HKA will accept applications throughout the year for any listed vacancies.
Living and Working in Sai Kung
Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world! HKA's campus is located in Sai Kung, approximately 45min away from Hong Kong's bustling Central district. To find out more about Hong Kong, the Sai Kung area and our school, click here.
Staff Professional Development (PD)
Staff at HKA are learners as well. Professional development is an integral part of life at HKA, with weekly professional development meetings held each Wednesday for all faculty. In addition, faculty and staff attend conferences and seminars throughout the year to immerse themselves in best practice and remain current and active in their fields. Visit our PD page to view just a few of the courses that are currently available for teaching staff.
Personal Information Collection (PIC) Statement
The information submitted on this form is being collected in accordance with the HKA Personal Data Handling Policy and its related Personal Information Collection Statements (“PICS”). A copy of the HKA PIC statement can be found here.
School Term Calendars
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