Before Applying

When should I submit an application?
You can submit an application FROM one year in advance of your anticipated start date. At HKA we do not accept applications on a chronological basis so we do not enrol children on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. There are a number of considerations before offering a child a place at the school. We strive to achieve diversity in each classroom so we look for a balance of gender, age, ethnicity, language, nationality, family blend, learning styles and learning needs.
How can I make the application process easier?
Read through this entire section before you begin your application. Make sure that you have all the required information pre-scanned and uploaded to your computer and ensure that you have read through the website and the school's Mission.
We advise that you fill in your household information and then start with your eldest child. It is a good idea to have a word document open that will allow you to cut and paste any repeated information. For subsequent children you must use 'Add Prospect' to add their application.
How do I know what grade my child should be in?
Please click to view our chart.
What does the Application Fee of HK$3000 cover?
The application fee is a one off payment that covers the following services:
  • Family introduction and individualised visit to Hong Kong Academy.
  • Online application processing and maintenance.
  • Liaising with current school.
  • Student shadow days (in Secondary School).
  • Educational assessment of all application documents.
  • Meetings with Principal or Specialists, for example, therapists or Learner Support team (if required).
  • All standard face to face, group or online academic admissions assessment.
  • Specialist english language attainment assessment (if required).
  • Application is one time only and applications are valid until family enters the school (updates required by family). This means that you do not have to pay the application fee annually.
The application fee does not include:
  • Extended assessments which may include Speech and/OT evaluations and classroom visits. These assessments may carry a pre-agreed additional fee and will result in specialist reports which will be the property of the parents.
How long will it take before I know if my child(ren) has a place?
At HKA we review all the applications in the wait pool when we know about a space coming up. Once we identify a student that we feel we would be a good match for, we will invite them to take the HKA assessment. In cases where there are no issues to address (such as additional support needs) we can usually make an offer within days of the assessment being completed.
As an International school, we have spaces that open up throughout the school year, however, most of our places open up between November and December for a January start and between April and June for an August start date.
Pre-school and Kindergarten places are usually assessed for and filled by March/April the previous school year. For example, we will assess in March for an August start.
Do you offer any priority to certain families?
Yes, please see our Criteria section

About The Form
Why do I have to do this online?
This is part of our commitment to personalised service and making sure we have your up to date information. Our new application portals enables us to do this.
What documents do I need to have ready before I start?
The Admissions Portal will determine what you need to upload depending on the grade you are applying to for each child. As a general rule of thumb, anyone over Kindergarten age will be asked for:
  • A copy of your child’s passport;
  • A digital portrait photo;
  • Previous 3 years’ school records (if applicable);
  • Copies of all specialist reports of assessments (if applicable);
  • Copies of both parents’ passports;
  • A confidential teacher reference to be completed by your child’s current teacher and returned directly by the teacher to HKA - via email. You must know your child's teacher's email address(es)
What is a prospect?
A prospect is an applicant
How long should it take and do I have to do it all in one sitting?
Depending on the age of the applicant, it may take up to 60 mins per application form, including the input from the child. Once you have a log in to the Admissions Portal you can do the application in more than one sitting as long as you are pressing 'Save and Continue' along the way.
I have three children - do I have to do three applications?
You only have to submit one inquiry (via New Applicant) then you can do three applications from one household. Start with your eldest child and use the 'Add Prospect' option to add further children.
Why does it ask for information about my family first?
At HKA we prefer to enrol whole families rather than single children. The application process begins with your 'household' and then gathers information about individuals (the prospects/applicants). You must begin with your eldest child and then 'Add Prospect'. This retains your household and parent info and only gathers information on your child. To add a third or a fourth child - keep adding via 'Add Prospect'.
I have completed the 'New Applicant' section. Am I done?
No. This only counts as an inquiry but forms the basis of your information for the application. You must follow the link onto the Admissions Portal to complete the application.
Once I start the application, can I stop and go back to it again?
Yes, you will be provided with a log-in that will allow you to access the Admissions Portal when you are ready.
I already have a paper application do I need to do this again?
We are requesting that all applicants re-submit the application online. Please contact us at to ensure that you do not have to pay a second admissions fee.
How long will my application be valid for?
There is no expiration on the application but you will need to continue to send us progress reports and any change of personal information. If we do not have any updates from you for a year we will consider the application closed.
How do I submit my child’s updated reports after my application is complete?
You will need to email these to with your child’s name and date of birth.
What if my child does not get in this year?
If you have kept your application active (see above) we will automatically apply your child for the next grade.
My child is close to the cut off date. Can I apply for the grade above?
HKA always makes the final decision on grade placement. We stick rigidly to the age/grade cut off in the early years. Further up the school we will consider honouring the grade levels already accomplished.
I don’t want my child’s current school to know that we are considering leaving. May I send teacher recommendations at a later date?
Your child’s application will not be complete until the teacher recommendations relevant to their grade level are handed in by their current school. This is a vital part of the admissions process and cannot be skipped.
What if my child’s teacher or school refuses to complete the HKA forms?
This is very unusual but does sometimes happen. Please contact us directly if you have concerns about this. Please note that we will need confirmation of this from the school.
My child has Educational Psych reports and other evaluations that are confidential and I would rather not upload them. Is this okay?
In order to process an application, Hong Kong Academy must receive all relevant documentation. All documents are treated with confidence and held on a secure server.
My child has a brother/sister who is not applying at this time. Can I apply for him/her at a later date?
Yes, please see our Family Policy regarding whole family applications. We do expect you to give us details of all siblings in order to us to prioritise the sibling application when it does come in. If sibling details are not included with the original application, we reserve the right not to apply the sibling priority.
Can I check the status of my child’s application online?
Yes, you will receive a log-in that allows you to access our Admissions Portal.
Should I upload extra material like my child’s drawings, swimming certificates, attendance certificates etc?
No thank you. We ask a number of questions within the form to get as wide and as varied a picture as we can of your child and your family. There is no need to supply information that is not requested.
Do you give priority to Sai Kung residents or international applicants?
No. For details of our Priority groupings, please see our Criteria section.
How long will I need to wait for a space?
This is entirely dependent on the grade level applying to, the time of year and the number of priority applications we have. Applicants looking for a space in the Learner Support program can expect to wait much longer as this is a limited programme.
Will my child have an interview or entrance test?
Yes. We have group assessments for PK1, PK2 and Kindergarten students. We have a reading, writing and math assessment in Primary School and a MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) online assessment for Secondary School students. We are able to arrange remote, online assessments for applicants who cannot come to Hong Kong.
It is important to us that we get to meet with you as a family to allow us to get to know each other and ensure that you are making the right school choice for your child. We do not conduct formal interviews with students.
I prefer not to use credit card. How else can I pay the application fee?
At present, credit card payment is the only option for admission fee payment.
I am not sure how to upload my child’s reports. Can I just post them to you?
Reports for initial applications MUST be uploaded along with the rest of the application. Later reports that are sent to keep the file up to date and active can be emailed to us.
What size/format should the photo be that I upload?
  • You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG files.
  • File size - 4MB maximum.
  • Your photo should be square.
  • You do not need a passport photo or studio shot but the photo should clearly show your child's face
  • The ideal pixel size for your photo is between 200 x 200 to 500 x 500. If either width or height exceeds 4000 pixels, your photo will not upload.
How many reports should I upload?
Please only upload the reports and supporting documents that are requested by the school.
Will my spouse also have access to our child’s application and/or be able to upload school reports and other documentation?
Yes. When you add a new parent in the application, you will have the option of creating a user account for that person. Please note that usernames are based on individual email addresses so you need to provide a unique, valid email address for each user account you would like to create.
What if I lose or forget my log-in information?
Click the “Forgot your password?” link on the Admission Portal login page and an email will be sent to you with instructions on resetting your password. Please note that you must enter the email address that you used to create your user account.
I have completed a section but the tag is still orange and says 'required’?
Please give the system some time to catch up. The next time you log in it should have changed to green. If not, please email with the subject line 'Tech Help'