Co-Curricular Activities

Our Co-curricular programme includes our ASAs for Semester 1& 2, Seasonal Sports and Performing Arts including private Instruction Instrumental programmes. All the course offerings are now available in the Co-cirrcular catalouge below.  Enrolment for ASAs, sports and musical instrument instruction will happen separately. 
At Hong Kong Academy, all students are encouraged to participate in sports both as a part of a healthy lifestyle and as a way to develop important skills such as perseverance and grit. The HKA Sports Programme provides a safe and challenging learning environment for athletes to reach their goals in recreational and competitive play. Our coaches stress sportsmanship, inclusion, fair play and commitment as well as the development of athletic ability.
Individual and team sports for Secondary School:
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Rowing
League sports for Primary School (Grades 4 & 5):
  • Netball
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Swimming
Dragonfly Council
The Dragonfly Council consists of Secondary School students who actively participate in the Athletics Programme and/or show an interest in sports. In collaboration with the Athletics Co-ordinator, students help organise sports-related events such as the SCISAC and ACAMIS Tournaments hosted at HKA.
Sports team members should purchase their own team kit and travel gear. Spiritwear may also be purchased form the hkaSHOP. Team kit, travel gear and Spiritwear are designed as much as possible for use across different sports. While representing the school, students are required to wear the official school athletics kit, travel gear or optional Spiritwear and may not wear items that are not a part of the official kit.
Parents may register students for sports online via the HKA Parent Portal. Payment is made at the time of registration. Registration constitutes a commitment on the part of the athlete for the season. If an athlete decides not to participate after the first practice, parents will not be charged. If an athlete does not withdraw after the first practice, it is assumed they have committed to the sport and will be charged accordingly. Refunds will only be given under specific conditions and with the approval of the Athletics Co-ordinator.
Veracross 'Athletics' Calendar
Veracross (VC) will display sport related events i.e. tournaments, training, meets etc.. for each individual student in their 'Athletics' calendar in VC. Parents of those students will also have their child's sporting events available in their own 'Athletics' calendar. The calendar will only display sporting events related to their child(ren). We highly recommend parents subscribe to their 'Athletics' calendar on their personal devices. Click here to view a handy help file regarding calendar subscription via VC.
After School Activities (ASAs)
After School Activities at HKA are offered from Monday through Thursday throughout the school year. Designed mainly for Primary School students, activities are wide-ranging and include sports, arts and language. Many activities are led by by HKA faculty and staff, with the school also engaging select external organisations to offer a bespoke programme. The goal of our ASA programme is to provide students with opportunities, both to continue with current interests as well as explore new ones. Equally important, ASAs at HKA nurture friendships and teamwork.

- Students from PK1-G12 may participate in the After School Activities Programmes.
- Programmes are run by HKA teachers, co-teachers and collaborating organisations.
- HKA’s ASAs are made up of two semesters in alignment with the school calendar.

ASA's in the Primary School, available on a semester basis, generally include (but are not limited to):
  • Band
  • Brownies/Scouts
  • Choir
  • Fine Arts
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Parkour
  • Rollerblading
  • Sailing 
  • Yoga
ASAs and co-curriculars in the Secondary School also generally include (but are not limited to):
  • Creative Writing
  • Debate and Public Speaking
  • Drama/Theatre
  • Global Issues Network Team
  • Student Council and other student-led initiatives
  • Student Media Team
If you have any questions regarding ASAs please contact
Interested in Partnering with us in our ASA Programme?
Please contact and quote in your application:

1. Valid Business Registration
2. Insurance quotation of HK$10m
3. 13 - 15hrs Lesson Plan
4. Price/Cost
5. Company background and instructor's qualification.

The Performing Arts
We offer a range of free activities for students in Grade K to Grade 12 interested in singing, playing an instrument, composing, dancing or acting. The lunchtime and after-school activities provide opportunities for students to develop skills, to be challenged, to collaborate with peers and to explore and develop a lifelong passion.

Current offerings include our HKA Instrumental Programme (after school lessons for a variety of instruments including piano, keyboard, vocals, violin, cello, flute, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, bass and drums), 'Pop and Soul Band' practice, Primary School Choir, Secondary School Production Rehearsals, HKA Community Choir (students & adults), Composer Team, Grade 6-8 Orchestra, HKA Community Show Band and Grade 6-12 Salsa!

In partnership with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), we are proud to host ISTA's second permanent performing arts academy in the world since 1978! The Academy is open to all Hong Kong students aged 11-18 and beyond, connecting the talents of likeminded students across Hong Kong and Asia through collaborative devising, exploration and play in Drama, Music and Physical Theatre. More info at


Weekend Sports
Weekend Sports is lead by a group of parent volunteers who help run free sports sessions for HKA students. The focus is on the core sporting tournaments that our school currently participates in, namely, SCISAC, ACAMIS and local HK League Football/Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball. The programme is designed to give the students who already participate, and those who are interested, additional conditioning and practice, fundamental skill instruction, game play experience and most importantly, a general sense of ‘team bonding’ with fellow HKA students at all levels.

Our Weekend Sports programme is also a great opportunity for those students who are interested to try any of the sports being offered even if they have not played it before and to learn the sport in general.