Professional Development

Research & Professional Development
Faculty at HKA are not just teachers, they are learners as well. Professional development is an integral part of life at HKA, with weekly professional development meetings held each Wednesday. In addition, faculty and staff attend conferences and seminars throughout the year to immerse themselves in best practice and remain current and active in their fields. Some faculty and staff are also engaged directly in research as well, often as a part of an advanced degree.

Some of the professional development conferences, courses and seminars that HKA will host are listed below:
  • Foundation Adaptive Schools Seminar - 3rd to 6th September 2017   more info  |  register
  • Cognitive Coaching Course (Part 2) - 8th to 12th September 2017   more info  |  register
  • Cognitive Coaching Course (Part 1) - 4th - 7th March 2018   more info  |  register
  • Advanced Adaptive Schools Seminar - 22nd - 25th March 2018   more info  |  register