Sign-up Scene


Sign-up Scene
Take advantage of this opportunity to explore, experience and enjoy Sign-up Scene this year. HKA parents are offering amazing happenings now through June, 2017. Keep an eye out in our hkaNEWS for ongoing events.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all HKA parents contributing to Sign-up Scene. All proceeds benefit Annual Fund Programmes: Professional Development, Learner Support, Innovation and the Playscapes & Challenge Course.
If you would like to offer an experience to the HKA community, please contact


Having lived in the Middle East for many years the Hunts developed an affinity for its cuisine from the variety of the mezza to the fullness of its tagines, not forgetting the richness and delight hidden in classic desserts such as Um Ali (Ali’s mother). Enjoy an evening of Arabian culinary culture, music and conversation. Maybe you want to be reminded of your time there or you simply want to experience the flavours of Arabia.
When: 7:30pm Friday, 10th March
Where: H4, Robina Villas, 18 Tam Wat Village
Price: HK$1000ea     
Max Participants: 20
Hosts: Greg & Virginia Hunt (HKA Parents & PS Principal)


Your favourite Thai food is right around the corner! Technically not a restaurant but the flavours and scent in the air will remind you of Thailand and definitely whet your appetite. Peek inside the menu and you will find: sugarcane prawn, pork and pineapple red curry, lemongrass créme brûlée amongst the treats. Tempting? - go on indulge yourself...
When:  7:30pm Saturday, 18th March
Where: 8 Chuk Yeung Road, Sai Kung
Price: HK$1000ea     
Max Participants: 12
Host: Mel & Chris Smith (HKA Parents)


Bento Box in the Making.
“Bento" means beautiful, balanced and nutritional foods packed in the lunch box. Learn to assemble a meal that is equally appealing to your eyes as it is to your mouth. Proportional ratios, bright coloured food and striking patterns with food items are just part of the process of your first Bento.
When: 10am Thursday, 23rd March
Where: HKA, Room 319
Price: HK$300ea     
Max Participants: 8
Host: Mizuki Hirokata (HKA parent)


Feeling lucky?
Sign-up for the Annual Men’s Only Poker Night. Bring your poker face and good luck charm for a fun evening of Texas Hold’Em and a mouthwatering barbecue feast overlooking Silverstrand Beach at Clearwater Bay
When: 6:30pm till late, 25th March (Dinner 7pm, Poker 8pm)
Where: House 7, Silverstrand Garden, 11 Silverstrand Beach Rd
Price: HK$1000ea     
Max Participants: 10
Host: John Coffeng (HKA Parent)


Bread n’ Butter!
Pastry school in Paris or mastering seven layer cakes - what is your dream? Do you linger outside a bakery, enjoying the aroma of fresh baked bread? Mizuki Hirokata will show you the best of the best bread making techniques right here at hka. (Level 1 course)
When: 10am Thursday, 6th April
Where: HKA, Room 319
Price: HK$300ea     
Max Participants: 8
Host: Mizuki Hirokata (HKA Parent)


Shake, rattle and stir or three sniffs to savour the aroma; it's Gin & Tequila Night so sip, inhale, and relax. You will learn a little G&T lingo, drink a lot and walk away thinking this is the best night of your life. Don't miss this one...
When: Saturday, 9th September
Where: TBC
Price: HK$1000ea     
Max Participants: TBC
Hosts: Stephen Dare (HoS) & Adrian Valenzuela (HKA Parent)


Ten wines (5 selected types) to taste; evening includes cheese, baguettes and even a door gift! This is your opportunity to celebrate your birthday or perhaps treat your employees to a special evening.
When: Use between February & June 2017
Where: Vinothek Happy Valley
Price: HK$300ea     
Max Participants: 16
Host: Schmidt Vinothek