Admissions Criteria

The Admissions Policy at Hong Kong Academy is consistent with our values as a community and diversity based school. We view each student as an individual and evaluate their ability to succeed in the classroom as well as our ability to enable them to reach their full potential. We expect every student and family to be contributing members of our school community.

Students must be age appropriate for their grade. The birthday cut-off date for the Primary and Middle / High School is 31st August.
 Pre-K composite classes include children from Pre-K1 and Pre-K2 age crieria. For example:
  • Playgroup class 2 years old by 31st August of enrolling year.
  • Pre-K class: 3-4 years old by 31st August of enrolling year (must be fully toilet trained).
  • K class: 5 years old by 31st August of enrolling year.
  • Grade 1 class-6 years old by 31st August of enrolling year

In exceptional cases, students may be granted a place outside this age requirement if warranted by the student’s past school experience, maturity and assessment results and there is space availability in an age appropriate class. Students must be able to function in the mainstream classroom using English language.​​ Acceptance is not based on the date of application. HKA has rolling admissions policy and will accept candidates on the basis of the given requirements all year round.

VISA Requirements / Living Arrangements
Students must possess a Hong Kong Identity Card or valid visa issued by the Immigration Department to be eligible for enrolment at Hong Kong Academy. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing this documentation to the school upon request. Hong Kong Academy does not provide Student/Dependent visas.

Students must live with either one or both of their parents. If a student is not living with his/her parents, a legal guardianship must be established and enrolment must be approved by the Head of School.


  • Siblings are given priority over “new” applicants.
  • Families who apply for all eligible children are prioritised.
  • Alumni are prioritised (this does not include students who have left HKA to join another school in Hong Kong).
  • Students who bring diversity of nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, family blend, learning styles and needs and gender are prioritised.
  • Families who embrace the school’s philosophy, core values and curriculum are prioritised.
Family Policy
At Hong Kong Academy, we practice a family policy that gives priority for class places to families who will enrol all their age-appropriate children at our school. This policy sustains our commitment to an inclusive classroom with differing abilities as well as our community spirit. The school reserves the right not to accept or re-enrol any student in Primary School who has an eligible, school-age, older sibling that does not attend Hong Kong Academy Secondary School.
Learner Support
Children who need learning support are admitted upon the same requirements as other students. They must be able to be successful in the mainstream classroom with minimal outside support services. We seek a diversity in this as well, be they children who are performing beyond grade level expectations, a child with physical disabilities, etc. Students who are receiving additional support in the school are required to have all age appropriate siblings attend HKA, subject to space.