HKA has a comprehensive online application facility. The process may include input not only from parents but from current teachers and applicants themselves, depending on the grade applying to. Be aware that each application may take around one hour to complete. It is vital that you read our 'Before Applying' page prior to beginning the process.
The 'New Applicants' stage is an inquiry and does not constitute the whole application. Should your child go on to become an HKA student, the information that you enter here will automatically be transferred into our database (Veracross) and will form the basis of your child's data profile.
Important Note
Please ensure that you are applying for the correct grade and school year. Click here to view our international school's grade comparison chart.
If you are an existing HKA family then please apply via the 'Admissions Portal' using your existing Veracross login.
*Our admissions portal is compatible with all recent versions of internet browsers. Please note that for Internet Explorer, version 9 or higher is recommended. Latest versions: Internet Explorer | Google Chrome | Firefox
HKA Personal Data Handling Policy
The information submitted on this form is being collected in accordance with the HKA Personal Data Handling Policy and its related Personal Information Collection Statements (“PICS”). A copy of the HKA PIC statement can be found here.
Application Fee
The application fee is a one off payment (see Tuition Fees) that covers the following services:
  • Family introduction and individualised visit to Hong Kong Academy.
  • Online application processing and maintenance.
  • Liaising with current school.
  • Student shadow days (in Secondary School).
  • Educational assessment of all application documents.
  • Meetings with Principal or Specialists, for example, therapists or Learner Support team (if required).
  • All standard face to face, group or online academic admissions assessment.
  • Specialist english language attainment assessment (if required).
  • Application is one time only and applications are valid until family enters the school (updates required by family). This means that you do not have to pay the application fee annually.
The application fee does not include:
  • Extended assessments which may include Speech and/OT evaluations and classroom visits. These assessments may carry a pre-agreed additional fee and will result in specialist reports which will be the property of the parents.