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Congratulations Class of 2022!

By Joanna Crimmins, IB Diploma Coordinator and Grade 11 & 12 Assistant Principal and Kris Bumpus, Secondary School Counsellor

Each September, once the IB Diploma May examination session officially ends, we have an opportunity to share an overview of our results with the community and celebrate the achievements of our most recent graduating class. The Class of 2022 IB Diploma results reflect and highlight the diversity and dynamism of our 30 graduates. At HKA, every graduate earns the credit-based HKA Diploma and portfolio-based Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) certificate, both of which they work towards from Grades 9-12. On average, 90% of Grade 11 and 12 students also pursue the IB Diploma (IBDP) as a third credential.

The May 2022 results once again show HKA students outperforming the world average pass rate and overall point total. Four students earned 40+ points, and one student earned a bilingual diploma. The strength of these results is particularly impressive when considered through the lens of the disruption these students faced, where local restrictions meant that they had to revert to online learning for nearly all of the semester leading up to the exams. To see historical data on the last five years of IB DP results at HKA and our pathways to graduation, please read our most recent university profile.

HKA Graduation 2022

Our graduates are now embarking upon the next phase of their lives as they begin their university studies, military service or gap year endeavours. Reflective of the highly international nature of our school community, the Class of 2022 alumni are studying, living, working and serving in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ecuador and Singapore. They will be going on to pursue programmes in a wide range of areas, including Global Business, Mechanical Engineering, Drama and Musical Theatre, Kinesiology, International and European Law, Business and Management, Contemporary Music, Design and East Asian Studies. They enter these professional pathways as global citizens, developing their capabilities in global understanding, intercultural communication, community engagement and academic rigour by completing the four-year GCD certificate. For many of our graduates, this unique credential helped set them apart in the university application process. 

In the coming years, we look forward to hearing how our most recent graduates continue to learn and grow. Please take a few minutes to hear from these young people about what they valued most from their HKA education. They served as leaders, mentors, collaborators and role models in their years at HKA, and remain valued members of our community. 

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