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Grade 3 Students Take Action to Protect the Climate and Life on Land

By Marie Baker and Adam Reid, Grade 3 Teachers

As an IB school, we are committed to maintaining a strong focus on international mindedness throughout our programme. In line with their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry, Grade 3 students have been learning all about nature and how we, as humans, are connected to it. Through this inquiry, students have developed an appreciation of nature and an understanding of their responsibilities in relation to the natural world. All Grade 3 students have recently become garden ambassadors and they believe that by taking on this role, the whole community will benefit and, of course, the local environment too. 

As they have learned about the role of a garden ambassador, students have recognised a need for us to take care of nature “in our own backyard”. To this end, they are purchasing garden tools, harvesting from seed to table, welcoming native plants into our gardens, designing irrigation systems to sustain the gardens and inviting experts to provide support that will help HKA’s natural environment flourish. 

Our Grade 3 students are hopeful that their modeling in our IB school community will encourage other students to take small actions at home, like gardening and planting more seeds. Together, we can make a difference and work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly towards Climate Action and protecting Life on Land.

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