Global Citizen Diploma

Engaging in Responsible Action
In our mission statement, we make clear our goal of helping students understand the world around them so that they may “engage in responsible action”. The Global Citizen Diploma, introduced in the Secondary School in 2016, is a key component of that commitment.
What is the Global Citizen Diploma?
The Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) is an qualification that complements the IB Diploma and HKA High School Diploma. Founded in 2011 at Yokohama International School, the GCD consortium now also includes The American School of Bombay, HKA, Le Jardin Academy, NIST International School and Nanjing International School. These like-minded, leading international schools have all adopted the GCD as an opportunity for students to explore and develop their own interests, passions and goals in relation to action and service and to share their stories with others. In alignment with HKA’s own educational philosophy, the GCD provides several pathways of participation.
For more information about the various aspects of the GCD, please visit their website or contact Ellen Thorne at
Students in Grades 9-11 participate in the GCD, which was introduced at HKA in the 2016-17 school year. Depending on grade level, students will have the time and opportunity to fulfill the GCD in different ways. Over time, it is expected that all HKA Grade 9 students and higher will fulfill the criteria for the Global Citizen Diploma Certificate as a routine part of their HKA education. Students who wish to pursue the GCD Diploma or Diploma with Distinction will receive support from faculty in fulfilling those criteria.
Why the GCD at HKA?
HKA faculty nurture their students to become active and reflective members of their local and global communities. The structure of the GCD supports both action and reflection and also allows students to record their actions and reflections in a way that can be communicated with their peers and with those outside of HKA. The GCD is an opportunity to showcase their individual strengths and accomplishments and receive recognition at HKA and beyond.