Mission & Vision

HKA Mission Statement
Hong Kong Academy is a joyful, dynamic learning community that provides a rigorous international education characterised by mutual benefit and support. As an educational leader, HKA empowers learners to pursue pathways to individual excellence by fostering creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. HKA learners develop an evolving understanding of themselves and our changing world, leading them to engage in responsible action motivated by their interests, strengths and ongoing reflection. HKA is committed to maintaining a diverse, collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for a sustainable future.
Vision Statements
Pathways to Individual Excellence
HKA believes that a diverse community, grounded in mutual respect, enhances learning for all members of the community. Learning with friends who come from different parts of the world, speak different languages at home, identify with different religions and belief systems and possess different skills, talents and interests develops open-mindedness, an important component of our students’ future success.
At HKA, diversity includes learning styles and abilities. HKA’s student body is rich in individuals who reflect the world at large and who possess an array of talents across multiple pathways to individual excellence: intellectual, physical, social and emotional.
Diversity on its own is static and value neutral. To make diversity dynamic and positive requires the intentional inclusion of all students in every aspect of the life of the school. Hong Kong Academy is committed to a practice of inclusion based on three fundamental beliefs that all children:
  • Have gifts to be nurtured and celebrated.
  • Can learn in one environment, collectively, collaboratively and to their mutual benefit.
  • Deserve the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential.
HKA implements these beliefs through:
  • Admissions and hiring policies that promote intentional diversity.
  • Differentiated teaching methods and internationally-sourced best practices that engage and respect diverse learners.
  • Inclusive classrooms and practices.
  • Pathways to individual excellence that facilitate personal definitions of success that culminate in three paths to graduation.
Pathways to Individual Excellence and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism 
through pathways to individual excellence that nurture:
“Global citizens who are self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying; constantly seeking to identify personal strengths and challenges; committed to recognising and valuing the contributions and capacities of the people around them; and developing interdependence through tolerance and understanding.”
HKA as an Educational Leader
As HKA further develops its unique curriculum, programmes and learning culture, the school has a responsibility to share its best practices and success stories with the larger educational community. The school’s faculty and administration continually converse and collaborate with leading educational institutions and organisations as well as with colleagues in international schools regionally and globally.
HKA is especially committed to engaging in professional dialogue with other leaders in education who promote innovative and creative ways of supporting students and who seek to improve instructional practices through prototyping and feedback. Teachers are encouraged to pursue further professional development and share their day-to-day experiences at HKA with the wider educational community. In doing so, they become ambassadors for the school through experiences such as acting as workshop leaders and presenters, accreditation team visitors and as writers for journals or other publications.
HKA students also have tremendous capacity to provide leadership and engage in meaningful action and service culminating in the Global Citizenship Diploma. We believe that our students have an individual and a collective responsibility to the neighbourhood around them, Hong Kong, China and the wider world. Our community is committed to service learning that goes beyond simply learning about problems “over there” and supports hands-on responses to address particular needs and challenges. Students, parents and faculty work together to:
  • Tackle challenges that students identify as significant.
  • Provide leadership on campus for issues affecting the HKA community.
  • Mobilise their peers and others to tackle tough problems such as environmental sustainability, social justice and economic viability.
  • Develop and implement service programmes to address identified needs.
  • Engage in ongoing and open dialogue about the gap between personal interest and organisational goals in order to optimise institutional potential.
Educational Leadership and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through educational leadership that nurtures:
“Global citizens who recognise and want to develop their capacity to lead, who care about significant issues, act with empathy, take responsibility for their actions and respond in age-appropriate ways.”
Rigorous International Education
HKA provides a rigorous international education for Early Childhood, Primary School and Secondary School students. Working within its framework of Learning, Growing and Understanding and authorised as an International Baccalaureate World School offering all three programmes (Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma), HKA provides a rigorous curriculum that promotes depth and breadth of understanding and challenges students to reach their full potential.
The idea of educational “rigour” can mean different things to different audiences. HKA has adapted the definition of “rigour” put forward in Strong, Silver and Perini’s (2001) Teaching What Matters Most: Standards and Strategies for Raising Student Achievement:
“Rigour is the goal of helping students develop their individual capacity to understand content and approach dilemmas that are complex, ambiguous, provocative and personally, physically or emotionally challenging.” 
This understanding of rigour underscores every aspect of the HKA experience, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. As the HKA community learns, grows and furthers its understanding together, students engage in a world – and in a world of knowledge – that is complex, ambiguous, provocative and challenging. HKA prepares students for a future where what they know and what they need to know, is in unprecedented flux. It is a cliché to note that today’s concrete knowledge will be outdated within a few years, but that reality is clear. Students therefore must be taught how to learn and how to continue to learn while also gaining fundamental skills.
Rigorously educated students are resilient and demonstrate a strong sense of self-management, self-awareness and self-advocacy, evidenced by their ability to:
  • Communicate
  • Think 
  • Collaborate
  • Self-manage
  • Research
Rigorous International Education and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through a rigorous international education that nurtures:
“Global citizens with the capacity and inclination to apply facts, concepts and skills in new situations and in ways that demonstrate that they are empathetic, ethical, aware, committed and perserverant.”
Dynamic Community of Learners
Everyone at Hong Kong Academy - past, present and future - is a part of the school’s dynamic community of learners. Whether on campus every day, occasionally, or even only once, all students, teachers, staff, parents, former parents, alumni, visitors, specialists and consultants impact the school’s learning environment. Not everyone has the same type of impact and some contributions may be more visible or tangible than others. But everyone has an impact.
HKA’s culture of philanthropy statement recognises that the school is shaped by all of the gifts, talents and contributions of the many, diverse people who take part or have taken part in the life of the school. Because HKA is a dynamic community, it is more than the sum total of its parts. The community’s energy, dedication and collaborative approaches to action organically lead to a high level of connectivity with and service to others, whether within the school, within the local community, or beyond Hong Kong to the world.
HKA supports a dynamic community of learners in several ways. Beginning with the admissions process, the school clearly articulate the school’s mission in an effort to attract and enrol mission-aligned families. For currently enrolled families, HKA keeps the connectivity to parents strong through high rates of volunteerism, effective communications and a culturally-sensitive advancement programme. When families and students move from HKA, the school stays in touch with regular updates and events in key cities around the world. 

A Dynamic Learning Community and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism 
through a dynamic learning community that nurture:
“Global citizens who appreciate their ability to impact the world around them by choosing to value diverse communities, to act responsibly in co-ordination with others and to support meaningful philanthropic endeavours.”
Captivating Learning Environment
Faculty and staff are our most valuable resource and have the greatest impact on the quality of learning experiences for students. HKA is committed to finding the best teachers from around the world and nurturing their talents by providing access to high quality professional development. To promote continuity and sustainable change, teachers are encouraged to seek personal growth opportunities within school, locally, regionally and internationally that align with the mission and priorities of the school.
The school offers competitive salaries and benefits in order to attract and retain an international faculty with a broad range of experience. Similarly, the school seeks professionals who can develop inspiring learning cultures by implementing HKA’s teaching and learning standards and are willing to make contributions to the school community beyond the classroom. Small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios ensure that all students are able to fully engage the facilities and curriculum in ways that are creative and safe.
A school’s physical plant is perhaps a silent partner in the learning experience, but it is nonetheless a powerful, dynamic and even determining factor in the overall quality of the daily experience for students, faculty and staff. Up to date technology is embedded in the building and integrated fully into the curriculum, including a one-to-one laptop programme in the Secondary School. The use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials and construction practices have earned the school a BEAM+ Platinum rating, making it the only campus in Hong Kong to have achieved the highest rating of environmental friendliness possible. This attention to the building’s contribution to the learning environment has provided the school with the entry point for establishing operational and maintenance practices that are both ethical and sustainable. 

Captivating Learning Environment and Global Citizenship:
HKA is actively committed to promoting internationalism and interculturalism through a captivating learning environment that nurtures:
“Global citizens through best practice in the classroom and with a physical environment that promotes sustainability and that encourages international-mindedness in its use of visual media and signage.”
Core Values
Five core values support the the implementation of HKA’s mission statement on a daily basis:
  • Rigorous and Inclusive International Education
  • Captivating Learning Environment
  • Pathways to Individual Excellence
  • Dynamic Community of Learners
  • Educational Leadership
These five mutually supportive and reinforcing concepts form the foundation for learning and service at HKA and underscore all activity and outreach to further the school’s mission of maintaining a diverse, collaborative and captivating learning environment in which students become adaptable, confident and tolerant, equipping them for the future.

Our website includes lots of information and reflection about these core values. In addition, you can visit our Profiles page to view our School Profile and, for more specific information about our Secondary School, our Academic Profile.
Strategic Plan
Click here to view a PDF document (4Mb) that outlines our 5 year Strategic Plan for the years 2020 to 2025.