Online Learning Programme


HKA’s online learning programme is thoughtfully structured to provide authentic learning experiences which empower students, faculty and parents to access the curriculum and connect with each other in meaningful ways. By selecting the right digital tools and applying community feedback, HKA has constructed an adaptive online learning model that supports continued academic instruction as well as nurtures physical, emotional and social wellbeing.


An Authentic Learning Environment

HKA’s online learning platform reimagines teaching and learning in a digital environment. In this space, teachers connect students to the curriculum through live lessons and interactive group discussions, ensuring there are regular opportunities to broaden and deepen understanding through asking questions and learning from the questions of others. Providing pre-recorded and other digital resources further enables teachers to support student learning and enrich understanding as these materials can be accessed at students’ own pace and revisited as needed. Knowing that student needs and pathways to understanding may differ when learning offsite, our teachers regularly ask for feedback and adapt their instruction as needed.



Wellbeing and Balance

As students and families engage in the online learning environment, staying connected and providing balance both help to bring a sense of normalcy and wellbeing to these routines and structures. Digital Citizenship and 1-to-1 laptop programmes help create safe and secure learning environments in which students confidently engage with their teachers and classmates. HKA also supports parents with technical training and parent-teacher live chats, helping them to better understand the digital classroom and support their child’s learning from home. Further bringing online learning to life, technology is also used to reimagine various school events, such as performing arts festivals and sporting challenges. In addition to regular Wellbeing classes, teachers intentionally promote balance by providing a range of offline activities and projects which support physical and socio-emotional health, enabling students to recharge, refresh and stay motivated.



Partners in Learning  

Collaborative home-school partnerships are foundational to HKA’s community success, with transparent and consistent lines of communication providing direction and clarity for the whole community. By soliciting and listening to student and parent feedback, HKA adaptively manages its online learning programmes, leading to improved practices and positive learning outcomes.






Student Learning in Action

Over the past several weeks, our students at HKA have developed expertise in a number of areas to help them effectively learn in an online environment. Recently a number of our Secondary School students created resources to help other students as well as teachers and parents as they too embark on this new way of learning. Click here to learn more about their experiences and hear their advice on how to make the most of the virtual learning experience!