Culture of Philanthropy

HKA is lucky to have a generous community who supports the school in many ways. Recognising this, the school has developed a Culture of Philanthropy to provide a framework for all fundraising and volunteering programmes at the school.

HKA's Culture of Philanthropy
Hong Kong Academy recognises that everyone contributes to the life of the school in different ways and values all gifts to the school, whether of time, talent, or financial resources. The community-centered, co-operative values that inspired the school’s founders continue to shape HKA today. Each member of the community is a gift to the school and HKA appreciates everyone for their roles in making HKA a positive and dynamic learning environment.
HKA seeks every opportunity to say thank you to those who give generously of their time, expertise, and resources, including faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, former families, and others associated with the school. The school seeks to say thank you in ways that respect HKA’s sense of community and its many cultural backgrounds and contexts. HKA stresses the importance of the personal thank you over public recognition and offers public recognition that matches the school’s vision and values.
If you would like to give your time as a HKA Volunteer, please submit the online PTCO Volunteer Sign-up form. You can also visit our Donate page where you can donate a cash sum or purchase one of our Theatre seats with a dedication plaque.
Thank you.