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Our comprehensive post secondary programme supports students to identify and pursue a range of opportunities after graduation. 

Selecting a post secondary pathway is one of the major steps in a student’s educational journey. Starting in Grade 9, every HKA student is encouraged to consider their strengths as learners and where their interests might lie after graduation. Through a range of one-on-one meetings, small group workshops and evening events, students and their parents work together with our counsellors and curriculum coordinators to determine each child’s best-fit pathway to graduation. 

As they approach their final year as students at HKA, students continue to engage in these personalised conversations to explore the variety of options available to them based on their interests and priorities for life after graduation. Whether they are applying for university, preparing for a gap year or beginning a job search, HKA students are encouraged to pursue their passions and interests as individuals. 


Each year, college and university representatives from around the world come to HKA and meet with students, interested parents and counsellors during the school day. We also strongly encourage students and their families to attend evening presentations or university fairs held at different locations in Hong Kong. In addition to these representatives, our alumni and former students serve as valuable resources to current students, sharing their experiences with the application process, relocation to various countries and transition into university life. 

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Our Registrar maintains the official records and transcripts at HKA. If you are a graduate or former student and need us to share official records with your current or prospective university, please submit a request to our Registrar by filling out by filling out this form. The registrar can also provide copies of other types of school reports and can be contacted by email at

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