Tuition Fees

Fee Payment Schedule 2019-20
(All fees are quoted in Hong Kong dollars
Effective 17th February 2020
Grade HK$ per Annum Non-Refundable
Tuition Deposit
Semester 1
Balance due
Semester 2
Balance due
Primary School
$149,800 $30,000 $44,900 $74,900
Primary School
K – G5
$194,000 $30,000 $67,000 $97,000
Secondary School
G6 – G8
$213,600 $30,000 $76,800 $106,800
Secondary School
G9 – G10
$222,600 $30,000 $81,300 $111,300
Secondary School
G11 – G12
$231,700 $30,000 $85,850 $115,850
For academic year 2020/21,  please find details here.
Other Mandatory Fees:
Application Fee (all new students):
Pre-K: $2,800
K to G12: $3,000
(paid upon application for admission and is non-refundable.)
The application fee is a one off payment that covers the following services:
  • Family introduction and individualised visit to Hong Kong Academy.
  • Online application processing and maintenance.
  • Liaising with current school.
  • Student shadow days (in Secondary School).
  • Educational assessment of all application documents.
  • Meetings with Principal or Specialists, for example, therapists or Learner Support team (if required).
  • All standard face to face, group or online academic admissions assessment.
  • Specialist English language attainment assessment (if required).
  • Application is one time only and applications are valid until family enters the school (updates required by family). This means that you do not have to pay the application fee annually.
The application fee does not include:
  • Extended assessments which may include Speech and/OT evaluations and classroom visits. These assessments may carry a pre-agreed additional fee and will result in specialist reports which will be the property of the parents.
- Entrance Fee:
All new students. Paid one time only upon admission.
Fee for a family's first child admitted to HK Academy: $25,000
Fee for each additional child admitted to HK Academy: $12,500

- Family Debenture:
The family debenture price is $630,000.
Each family is required to purchase one debenture upon admission to HKA. A debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital levy. Families may purchase additional debentures to cover siblings. Debentures can be re-sold when the family leaves the school. Families without the means to purchase a debenture may opt for a deferred payment plan or apply for an exemption under the HKA financial assistance programme. See debenture application for terms and conditions.

- Annual Capital Levy:
All students not nominated by a debenture. Paid annually. $28,000
  • Cheques should be made payable to: Hong Kong Academy or payment can be made by bank transfer to HSBC account number: 808-746804-001
  • HKA requires THREE full calendar months written notice of withdrawal or THREE full calendar months of tuition payment in lieu of notice.
PDF Version with Terms and Conditions
Click here to view the fee schedule, with accompanying notes, for school year 2019-2020 in pdf format.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Hong Kong Academy is committed to community engagement and service in Hong Kong. As part of this commitment, from its inception the school has charged all students a Scholarship Levy to provide it with the means to develop an ongoing fund to service this need. Hong Kong Academy is now in a position to offer places to students without the means to meet the tuition obligations of the school but wish to pursue a long-term education in a challenging international school environment.

The scholarship and financial aid programme at Hong Kong Academy provides fee abatement's of between 30-90% to successful applicants entering Middle and High School Grades 6-12. Eligibility is based on financial need, as well as personal, academic and creative qualities.

Annual renewal will be based on ongoing financial need and student’s level of engagement at HKA.