University Counsellor

Selecting a post-secondary pathway is one of the major steps in a student’s educational career. It is a complex process that promotes personal growth and self-understanding.
HKA recognises the complexities of the college/university search and application process. To assist students and their families in this process we have a comprehensive programme that guides students from the college selection phase through the ultimate goal of being accepted to an appropriate college or university. While the University Counsellor assists in the process, the student must take the lead in the research, planning and decision-making. Parents, teachers and the University Counsellor will be involved in the process but the student must take ownership of the process. HKA limits students to eight (8) maximum university applications.
All students, Grades 9 - 12 and their parents receive BridgeU accounts at the beginning of Grade 9. This is a comprehensive programme designed to enable students’ personal growth and self-understanding. BridgeU is also instrumental in the university and college search and application process.
Each year college and university representatives from around the world come to meet with students, interested parents and counsellors. Due to the short amount of time a representative can remain in Hong Kong, occasionally a representative hosts an evening programme at a hotel or more centrally located HK school rather than going to individual schools. This schedule is updated frequently here.
- Amy Colfelt, HKA University Counsellor
For University Representatives
Welcome to Hong Kong Academy. We welcome your visit to speak with our students and families. The best time to visit on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday is 1:15pm to 2pm. There are no available sessions on Wednsdays. Please refer to our calendar below and then submit our 'University Visitor Application' online form.
The HKA University Counsellor guides students in the university research, selection and application process in finding colleges and universities that are considered "best fit". HKA limits students to eight (8) maximum university applications. We encourage students and parents to look beyond the rankings and choose schools which will provide the student with a positive academic experience while being appropriately challenged. With this in mind, when you visit HKA we kindly ask that you not speak about national or regional rankings when speaking with students and parents. We prefer that you focus on such things as the strength of particular programmes, opportunities for growth, internships and majors at your school. Information about employment and graduate school acceptances are great topics as well. We also encourage you to speak about the selectivity of your college/university with the prospective applicants. 
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