HKA offers the opportunity for a high level of parental involvement within the classroom, organised by teachers; with school-wide activities, organised by the Parent, Teacher and Community Organisation (PTCO); and on various Board committees. Opportunities range in the types of activity and the level of time commitment that is required. Helping in the library, accompanying a field trip, bringing expertise into the classroom, planning an evening social event for parents, listening to young readers, serving on a Board committee – these are all ways that HKA parents get involved every day.

Much of the parent volunteer activity at HKA is organised via the PTCO, working with various other parent volunteer leaders who generally focus their time on one or two specific programmes or opportunities.
Some opportunities involve a minimal time requirement, while others offer the chance to get involved in an aspect of school life over a longer period of time, such as helping in the library or in the hkaSHOP.
Our 'Volunteering at HKA' section has more information regarding volunteer opportunities at HKA.