Parent Community
HKA offers the opportunity for a high level of parental involvement within the classroom, organised by teachers; with school-wide activities, organised by the Hong Kong Academy Community Organisation (HKACO); and on various Board committees. Opportunities range in the types of activity and the level of time commitment that is required. Helping in the library, accompanying a field trip, bringing expertise into the classroom, planning an evening social event for parents, listening to young readers, serving on a Board committee – these are all ways that HKA parents get involved every day.
Much of the parent volunteer activity at HKA is organised via the HKACO, working with various other parent volunteer leaders who generally focus their time on one or two specific programmes or opportunities.
Some opportunities involve a minimal time requirement, while others offer the chance to get involved in an aspect of school life over a longer period of time, such as helping in the library or in the HKAShop.
Our 'Volunteering at HKA' section has more information regarding volunteer opportunities at HKA.



Around The World: Alumni and Former Families

HKA first opened its doors in 2000. The “red doors” of the Stubbs Road campus, depicted in watercolour here, are familiar to students and families who were a part of the HKA campus community through 2010.
Alumni Graduates
HKA graduated its first class in 2012 and has a growing body of alumni who completed Secondary School at Hong Kong Academy and received an HKA diploma. HKA’s global community also includes students who attended HKA at any point in their education as well and their families. 
You’re vital to HKA!
In this busy world of expats and re-pats, we find that many of our incoming families have learned about HKA from former students and parents. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others!  If you would like to assist our Admissions Office more formally by talking to prospective families, or if you’d be willing to talk to an HKA family relocating to your area, please email - please keep in touch!
HKA issues three e-newsletters annually for alumni, former students and former families. To subscribe, please fill out the HKA Alumni Registration/Contact Information Update Form. Subscribers also receive online copies of the school’s magazine, hkaVOICES and information about HKA events around the world.
We’d also love to see you on campus in Sai Kung. If you are planning a visit to Hong Kong, let us know at!
HKA Events
We are always delighted to welcome Alumni along to our HKA events so please keep an eye on our Upcoming Events section and feel free to get in touch if you would like to attend.
Giving to HKA
Gifts to HKA support  the school’s mission and extend its dynamic programming. If you’d like to make a donation to HKA, please do so via our HKA Donate. Thank you!



Upcoming Events

Take advantage of events that bring the HKA and greater Hong Kong community together this year. Get involved!
All fundraising event proceeds benefit Annual Fund Programmes: Professional Development (PD), Learner Support (LS), Innovation and Climbing Wall/Playscapes.



Sign-up Scene

We’re excited to offer amazing opportunities to give back to HKA and more will be added to this section as they come available. Book quickly - spaces are limited and sell out fast!
The HKA community is truly magnanimous: Our heartfelt gratitude to all HKA parents who gifted sign-ups. All proceeds benefit our HKA learning programmes.
stay tuned for upcoming events!..



Culture of Philanthropy

HKA is lucky to have a generous community who supports the school in many ways. Recognising this, the school has developed a Culture of Philanthropy to provide a framework for all fundraising and volunteering programmes at the school.
HKA's Culture of Philanthropy
Hong Kong Academy recognises that everyone contributes to the life of the school in different ways and values all gifts to the school, whether of time, talent, or financial resources. The community-centered, co-operative values that inspired the school’s founders continue to shape HKA today. Each member of the community is a gift to the school and HKA appreciates everyone for their roles in making HKA a positive and dynamic learning environment.
HKA seeks every opportunity to say thank you to those who give generously of their time, expertise, and resources, including faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, former families, and others associated with the school. The school seeks to say thank you in ways that respect HKA’s sense of community and its many cultural backgrounds and contexts. HKA stresses the importance of the personal thank you over public recognition and offers public recognition that matches the school’s vision and values.
If you would like to give your time as a HKA Volunteer, please submit the online HKACO Volunteer Sign-up form. You can also visit our Donate page where you can donate a cash sum or purchase one of our Theatre seats with a dedication plaque.
Thank you.



Volunteering at HKA

To indicate your interest in volunteering in the areas below, or others, please submit our volunteer form.
Community Fair 
One of our school community’s longest standing and most beloved tradition is the annual Community Fair where we share food from our home countries, participate in various activities and enjoy cultural performances.
Each year we have over 40 countries represented in the food festival portion where families contribute homemade dishes from their countries and share them with more than 1000 attending family members.
Volunteers are the key to this tremendous successful event. We look for parents with organisational talent to help the Community Fair team with the overall event preparation.

We encourage parents to volunteer as a country co-ordinator who arrange their food tables together with supporting families by co-ordinating food donations, decoration, recipes and fun facts about each country as part of a cultural activity. We are also happy to meet volunteering parents who contribute with cultural acts, sports games, arts & crafts or any special performances. Click here to view pictures from a previous Community Fair.
Grade Parents
Grade Parents help to create a welcoming environment each year. They help to welcome new families to the grade in support of the Buddy Family programme. They also help in organising social activities for students and/or parents to get to know each other better. Finally, they help in co-ordinating teacher appreciation cards in the Spring and in co-ordinating parent volunteers if teachers request help in the classroom or on field trips.
Social Committee
The social committee organises social events on a regular basis which promote community spirit and build friendship networks. The committee organises outings such as walking and shopping tours as well as charitable and cultural experiences. There are regular coffee mornings with the upcoming social events schedule posted in our weekly hkaNEWS and on the 'HKA Community' Facebook page.
Annual Gala
The Gala is an exciting social and fundraising occasion on the HKA calendar which is typically held in spring. The Gala committee drives all aspects of the event including Venue Liaison and Logistics, Look & Feel, Fundraising and Music/Entertainment. To deliver this event to the community, the committee draws upon a broad set of volunteer skills throughout the year.

Parent volunteers help both the Primary and Secondary libraries to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We take care of much of the daily routine tasks that then frees up the librarians to work and interact with the students. Specifically, we assist by shelving returned items, covering books, straightening shelves and getting involved in specific tasks, as needed. We offer a flexible schedule and volunteers can choose either a morning or afternoon time slot, every other week.
Lost and Found 
This committee is comprised of a group of volunteers who drop-in to help tidy the Lost & Found and Recycled Uniforms cabinets, located above the UG mezzanine cafe. The Lost & Found is as it seems, lost items collected around school that are placed in this cabinet with hopes of being reunited with their owners. The Recycled Uniforms cabinet holds uniforms that have been donated by families (whether they are leaving school or their children have simply outgrown them). It's a free programme and anyone can drop-off or take away uniforms as they like and is in keeping with HKA's Sustainability mission. This volunteer job can be done ad-hoc or on a regularly scheduled basis, as it fits your schedule.
Note, there are a few times when the team works together (when possible), at the end and beginning of each term -- collecting and distributing recycled uniforms; and during PTS Conferences, displaying Lost & Found items in the cafeteria.

Panda Club
The Panda Club compliments Mandarin speaking in a more relaxed environment as a living language. Students have fun expressing themselves and building their confidence. Volunteer as a Panda Parent and you will have a chance to see all these in action in school. Join us and you can help facilitate games whilst interacting with students in Mandarin as well as learning from them. It's always surprising to find out what our students learn away from home. We find our students are much more motivated to learn because they see their parents learning the language too! Finally, we are successful because of our enthusiastic and multi-talented parents!

Parents in Action for Sustainability (PAS) 
PAS support the HKA mission and the diverse sustainability programmes on campus by volunteering on a weekly basis or through specific projects during the year.
Current areas of volunteer focus include:
  • Garden Ambassadors programme in Primary School
  • Support of the Project Based Sustainability Learning in Secondary School
  • Support of the Sustainability Strategy 2014-2019 in the areas of Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Inclusion & Participation, Health & Well-being, Buildings & Grounds and Curriculum Integration 
One of the goals of this group is to help the HKA community adopt a more sustainable lifestyle both in and out of school. The committee also promotes HKA’s sustainability efforts to the extended community including:
  • A long term goal of Zero Waste on campus through the responsible procurement, reuse and recycling of paper, metal, glass, batteries, E-waste, uniforms and collection of plastic to determine the viability of onsite repurposing
  • Garden Ambassadors cultivate an organic inquiry garden on the 1st floor and multiple compost systems including vermi-composting
  • Energy reduction measures through both innovative technology and environmentally friendly choices
Another objective is to work with the other HKA committees and groups within the school so that events organised on campus are planned and executed in a sustainable fashion congruent with our mission.
- Submit our volunteer form or ask questions, get involved and send your ideas to



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Donate to HKA's Annual Fund
Thank you for your support. Your gift furthers the school's mission and directly benefits our entire community. We are grateful for your participation in our Culture of Philanthropy.


Other Ways to Contribute to HKA
Lots of play at HKA! The Primary School’s new Playscapes will be ready for 2017-18. The Climbing Wall is in place and new elements for a Challenge Course are in process. Keep us climbing with your financial support.


Teachers at HKA are learners, too, and engage in ongoing professional development which they apply directly to the classroom. Our goal is to devote 2% of HKA’s budget to PD. Make a teacher’s day with your contribution.


At HKA, we all learn better when we learn together. As an international leader in inclusive education, we enjoy specialised facilities for various LS programmes. Your gift helps HKA serve students and offer leadership in this field.


HKA is always evolving. What will the future hold? In a changing world, HKA is starting its own conversations on innovation at HKA that includes best practice in design thinking and creativity. Donate to HKA’s future today!


Our campus bustles with engaged learners. At break times and between classes, our corridors bustle even more. Support our community (and our casual conversations!) with a gift toward one of our Community Zone projects.


Our theatre is a community focal point where we come together to inspire one another with music, drama, dance and gather for milestone moments, such as our graduation in June. Support HKA's Theatre by donating a seat today!


To contribute at a later date, please fill out a pledge form and our staff will be in contact with you. Thank you!
If you would like to Get INvolved and make a contribution in any other way please contact our Director of Institutional Advancement, Laura Mitchell, at
Other Contribution Advice
- To contribute by cheque: please direct your cheque to the Institutional Advancement Office at HKA. Cheque payable to 'Hong Kong Academy'.
- U.S. donors may contribute via the Friends of Hong Kong Charities and obtain a US tax receipt. Please visit the Friends of Hong Kong Charities website. Click here for more info on how to contribute via FOHKC.
- When contributing online, you may either log into your existing PayPal account or, without a PayPal account, select "Pay with my credit card" and enter your credit card details when prompted. [more]
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