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Our graduates and former students, families and employees are Dragonflies for life, serving as important global ambassadors of the HKA mission. 

In 2012 we celebrated our first graduating class of seven pioneering students. Today, we are proud of our more than 200 graduates, each of whom holds a special place in our community's heart. Complemented by our extensive network of former students, families and employees, our alumni stay connected and continue to contribute to HKA in a variety of ways. It is always a special occasion when a graduate or former student comes back for a visit and we have a chance to hear about what they’ve been up to since leaving HKA. 

where are they now?

Our alumni provide an amazing insight into what it means to live our mission in the world beyond HKA. Below, you can see the different ways in which some of our graduates are pursuing their pathways to individual excellence, demonstrating rigor in all of its many forms and contributing to their communities through responsible action. 


As a young school, we have appreciated the many ways in which we have been able to stay connected to so many former community members. Our annual Alumni Luncheon in London is a popular event and gives our Head of School an opportunity to catch up with recent graduates, relocated families and past faculty members every January. 

As we prepare to expand our Alumni programme, we hope to engage ambassadors reaching back to our founding in 2000 as well as identify alumni representatives for each graduating class. We invite you to fill out the form below and provide us with your current contact details as well as to express interest in helping us expand our programme. 


School Records

Our Registrar maintains the official records and transcripts at HKA. If you are a graduate or former student and need us to share official records with your current or prospective university, please submit a request to our Registrar by filling out the form below. The registrar can also provide copies of other types of school reports and can be contacted by email at

Transcript Request Form

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