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The following principles of good practice are set forth to provide a common perspective on the responsibilities of independent school boards. The Board and the Head of School work in partnership in fulfilling these principles.

  • The Board prepares a clear statement of the school’s mission and objectives.
  • The Board reviews and maintains bylaws and establishes policies and plans consistent with the mission.
  • The Board is accountable for the financial well-being of the school, including capital assets, operating budgets, fund-raising, and endowments.
  • The Board selects, supports,and nurtures the Head of School.
  • The Board, or a committee of the board, conducts a written annual evaluation of the performance of the Head of School and works with them to establish goals for the following year.
  • The Board evaluates itself annually and establishes goals for the following year.
  • The Board keeps full and accurate records of its meetings, committees and policies.
  • The Board works to ensure all its members are actively involved in the work of the Board and its committees.
  • The composition of the Board reflects a balance of expertise and perspectives needed to achieve the mission of the school.
  • The Board develops itself through new board member orientation, ongoing education and leadership succession planning.
  • The Board assures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and minimises exposure to legal action.

The Board maintains a focus on the mission of HKA through sound governance that supports the growth and development of the organisation.

Current Board Members

  • Adrian Valenzuela - Board Chair
  • Neil Raymond - Board Vice Chair
  • John Coffeng - Treasurer
  • Atul Khanna - Secretary
  • Charles Bedford - ​Board Member
  • Tom van der Lee - Board Member
  • Helen Willerton - Board Member
  • Suhail Bindra - Board Member


  • Goverance Committee​

    The Governance Committee​ is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Foundation, including organising appointments and elections to the Board of Trustees, ensuring that the Board of Trustees assesses its own performance annually, maintaining the Board of Trustees policy manual and other duties as deemed necessary.

  • Advancement Committee​

    The Advancement Committee​ is responsible for supporting the school in its approaches to marketing, community development, fundraising and alumni relationships. This committee works closely with the Institutional Advancement department as it develops and implements its priorities and serves as an ambassador for the school’s approaches to advancement.

  • Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing the annual budget, monitoring income and expenses throughout the year, nominating for Board of Trustees approval an independent auditing firm to audit the school’s financial statement and accounts and other duties as deemed necessary.

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