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HKA is proud of being a diverse and inclusive community and offers a range of scholarship and financial aid options. We are an independent, non-profit foundation and almost entirely self-funded except for the land and capital loan provided by the Hong Kong government. HKA is not part of an international network, and has no private equity ties nor international government affiliation. 

This page is designed to give readers a comprehensive overview of HKA’s tuition fees and other mandatory costs. Our finance team manages all invoicing and is available to answer queries throughout the admissions process and to support all current and prospective new families. New applicants should be aware that there is a one time, non- refundable application fee charged for each child’s application. We recommend that you contact our admissions team and, if possible, come visit us before applying.

  • Fee Payment Schedule 2021-22

    (All fees are quoted in Hong Kong dollars and are subject to Education Bureau approval)

    Effective 30th March 2021

    Grade Annual Tuition Semester 1 (due 15th May, 2021) Semester 2 (due 15th November, 2021)
    PK1 – PK2 149,800 74,900 74,900
    K-G5 197,700 98,850 98,850
    G6-G8 217,700 108,850 108,850
    G9-G10 226,800 113,400 113,400
    G11-G12 236,100 118,050 118,050


    Application Fee
    • Paid upon application for admission for each child and non-refundable.
    • Pre-K1 – Pre-K2: HK$2,800
    • Kindergarten – Grade 12: HK$3,000
    Entrance Fee
    • Paid one time only upon admission.
    • Fee for a family’s first child admitted to HKA: HK$25,000
    • Fee for each additional child admitted to HKA: HK$12,500
    Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit
    • Paid upon admission and credited towards tuition fees. – HK$30,000
    Family Debenture
    • Each family is required to purchase one debenture upon admission to HKA. Families without the means to purchase a debenture may opt for a deferred payment plan or apply for an exemption under the HKA financial assistance programme. A debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital levy. See debenture application for terms and conditions or contact us at to arrange a call with our Chief Financial Officer.
    • HK$630,000
    Annual Capital Levy
    • Paid annually for each student not exempted by a family debenture.
    • HK$29,000


    • The tuition fee excludes costs such as IB Diploma exam fees, extracurricular activities, After School Activities registrations, uniformsschool bus and meals.
    • Students in Grade 3 to Grade 5 participate in extended overnight field trips, and Grade 6 to Grade 11 students participate in our Learning Outside the Classroom programme, both of which are integral to the curriculum. In 2019-20,  costs for these programmes ranged from HK$3,000 to HK$4,000 for Grade 3 to Grade 5, and HK$2,000 to HK$23,800 for Grades 6-11.
    • Fees for any excluded items will be charged separately and are itemised within each family account.
    • Learner support fees may also be charged separately based on the individual needs of each student.
    • School Bus: The school bus service is provided by Synergy Travel Service Limited and bus fees payments should be sent to Synergy directly. Registration is completed through the HKA enrolment processes.  For registration outside of these times, please contact Synergy directly.  For more details about the bus service please refer to the bus information page of our website. For any details including cancellation and refund arrangements, parents should directly contact Synergy at 2655 1289  or email to
  • Application Fee

    Pre-K1 to Pre-K2: HK$2,800

    Kindergarten to Grade 12: HK$3,000

    The application fee is paid upon application for admission and is a a one-off non-refundable payment that covers the following services:

    • Family introduction and individualised visit to Hong Kong Academy.
    • Online application processing and maintenance.
    • Liaising with current school.
    • Student shadow days (in Secondary School).
    • Educational assessment of all application documents.
    • Meetings with Principal or Specialists, for example, therapists or Learner Support team (if required).
    • All standard face to face, group or online academic admissions assessment.
    • Specialist English language attainment assessment (if required).
    • Application is one time only and applications are valid until family enters the school (updates required by family). This means that you do not have to pay the application fee annually.

    The application fee does not include:

    • Extended assessments which may include Speech and/OT evaluations and classroom visits. These assessments may carry a pre-agreed additional fee and will result in specialist reports which will be the property of the parents.
  • HKA Debenture and Capital Levy Scheme

    The HKA Debenture and Capital Levy Scheme is used to pay for capital improvements such as equipment purchases and enhancements to the school environment and facilities.


    Each family is required to purchase one debenture upon admission to HKA. The Debentureholder may nominate any child of the Debentureholder (if the Debentureholder is an individual) or any child of a director or employee of the Debentureholder (if the Debentureholder is a company) to attend Hong Kong Academy. A Debenture does not guarantee admission to the School. Family debentures may only be purchased after a child has been granted admission.

    Upon full payment, a debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital levy. Families may purchase additional debentures to cover siblings. Debentures can be re-sold when the family leaves the school.

    Debentureholders who wish to re-sell debentures should contact HKA for their names to be placed on the Resale Debenture List. The school will match buyers and sellers and facilitate the sale and transfers of all debentures in accordance with the terms and conditions of the debenture and upon payment of the prescribed transfer fee. See debenture application for terms and conditions.


    This is an annual fee for each student not nominated by a debenture and non-refundable upon payment. This fee is payable in full amount regardless of date of admission.

  • Financial Aid

    Hong Kong Academy is committed to community engagement and service in Hong Kong. From its inception, the school has set aside a portion of the annual tuition fees to develop an ongoing fund to service this need. Hong Kong Academy is now in a position to offer places to students without the means to meet the tuition obligations of the school and wish to pursue a long-term education in our rigorous international school environment.

    The scholarship and financial aid programme at Hong Kong Academy provides fee abatements of up to 90% to successful applicants. Eligibility is based on financial need, as well as personal, academic and creative qualities. Please ask admissions for further information.

    Annual renewal will be based on ongoing financial need and the student’s level of engagement at HKA.

  • Notes on Fees
    1. Terms and Conditions of Payment – All fees are quoted in HONG KONG DOLLARS. Please refer to the payment instruction on the school invoice for making payment to the school. Overdue interest of 2% per month will be charged against the outstanding amount of overdue invoices FOURTEEN (14) days from the invoice due date. An administration fee of HK$200 will be charged for any cheque presented to the school’s bank and not honoured. In the event of force majeure closing of the school, or other adverse circumstances that the school could not reasonably be expected to predict or control, no fees will be refunded and lost days will only be rescheduled if the school deems it necessary to ensure that educational objectives are not compromised.
    2. Withdrawal – The school requires THREE full calendar month’s written notice of withdrawal or THREE full calendar month’s tuition in lieu of such notice.
    3. Entrance Fee – This is a one-time and non-refundable fee for all entering students. This fee is payable in full amount regardless of date of admission. This fee must be paid to secure a place.
    4. Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit. This portion of the tuition fee is non-refundable and must be paid after completing enrollment. Amount paid will be credited towards the tuition fee.
    5. Annual Capital Levy – The annual capital levy is used to pay for capital improvements such as equipment purchases and enhancements to the school environment and facilities. This is an annual fee and non-refundable upon payment. This fee is payable in full amount regardless of date of admission.
    6. Tuition Fee – The tuition fee includes books, learning materials and local field trips. The tuition fee is payable on or before the due date to secure a place for the academic year. Students may be ineligible to start the school year if all fees are not paid in full by the due date. The school reserves the right to release a reserved space if all fees are not paid in full by the due date. The tuition fee deposit is non-refundable upon payment.
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