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Teresa Tung
Secondary School Principal

A warm welcome to HKA’s Secondary School, where students continue to discover who they are, learn about our evolving world and contribute to making a positive local and global community. 

Our Secondary School programmes are designed to support pathways to individual excellence that reflect our ever changing world. Our programmes are adaptive and dynamic, inviting students to build on their understanding, skills, and strengths to delve deeply into authentic, real world problems and contexts, and to create and uncover solutions and learning together.  

Throughout their Secondary School years, we recognise the importance of maintaining strong partnerships between everyone involved in supporting a child’s learning journey. Our emphasis on wellbeing and whole person development means that we take a proactive approach to supporting each child academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Our robust curricular and co-curricular programmes provide multiple opportunities for students to build relationships with one another as well as to be mentored by passionate and committed teachers. Parents are actively involved in many of our project-based learning initiatives, providing expertise and insights that complement classroom experiences. 

I am inspired daily by the vibrant HKA community to be a better educator, mother, and global citizen, and I welcome you to learn more about the unique components of the HKA Secondary School.

Our Secondary School programme recognises, addresses and celebrates the unique needs of adolescent learners.  

From Grade 6 to Grade 12, students at HKA are encouraged to pursue their individual pathways through the wide range of learning experiences and co-curricular activities on offer. We provide opportunities for every child to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally during their time at HKA. As students become increasingly independent and self-sufficient, we recognise the importance of maintaining a strong sense of community and network of support. The relationships nurtured between faculty, staff, administrators, parents and students help to individualise our programme, enhancing and enriching all aspects of student learning in our Secondary School. 

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We know that the learning is more meaningful when students are partners in the instructional process. Within IB MYP and IB DP classes, through HKA-curated programmes such as hkaFLOW and work placements,  and across a range of student-led clubs and projects, our students use their passions and interests to seek problems and generate solutions. Through a wide range of authentic assessment tasks, students demonstrate how the ideas they explore in the classroom translate to the world beyond school. They are also encouraged to pitch ideas to and seek feedback from industry experts, bridging their learning with authentic applications. 


Wellbeing is a key focus in our programme and we provide daily opportunities for students to actively nurture a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Students begin each day in advisory, where they check in with their advisor and small peer group before starting their classes for the day. Longer advisory sessions provide an opportunity to dive deeper into developmentally appropriate issues, often with the support of a member of our counselling team. Our bespoke wellbeing programme is taught by a wellbeing specialist who provides direct instruction and experiential learning to help all students Grades 6 to 12 to nurture their mental, physical and social wellbeing. 

Learn more about counselling & wellbeing at HKA here.


We were founded on the belief that all students benefit from being part of an inclusive learning community. Through our curricular and co-curricular programmes, every learner is encouraged to pursue their individual passions and develop their unique skills. Our class sizes are intentionally small, allowing teachers to personalise instruction and support every student to learn and grow through inquiry and reflection.  Visit our Student Support Services page to find  out more about Learner Support, Occupational and Speech Therapies, and English Language Learning at HKA. 


Secondary School students go on a number of local field trips during the school year, providing opportunities for students to take the understanding and skills they have developed in the classroom and use them to engage with the wider community. Students in Grades 6-11 participate in a week-long experiential learning programme. Unique from the usual rhythms and routines of the school day, these off-campus learning experiences inspire students to develop an evolving understanding of our changing world, challenge them to connect with each other and themselves in new ways, and become more impactful global citizens. 

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