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Celebrating HKA’s Class of 2023

By Kris Bumpus, Secondary School Counselor

As IB Diploma exams have now come to a close, we look forward to celebrating the graduation of the Class of 2023, HKA’s 12th graduating class. The diversity of this group of talented students highlights the many ways that they have contributed to their local and global communities as musicians, artists, elite athletes, social activists and volunteers. 

HKA’s approach to personalised learning provides a bespoke student experience that equips them to become intellectually curious, intrinsically motivated, and interculturally minded global citizens within and beyond the campus walls. At the core of an HKA education is the belief that students should be encouraged to pursue their individual pathways to excellence. Students are supported to seek their best-fit path to graduation based on their personal and learner profile and post-secondary priorities. Post-secondary pathways  include university or college, internships, apprenticeships, gap years and military service. 

The class of 2023’s university and college application acceptance rates are over 70% and on average each student received 5 offers. The group have also received nearly US$700,000 in scholarship offers and are moving on to pursue a diverse range of under-graduate degree courses including; ancient history, biomedical sciences, business, economics, e-sport management, fine and performing arts, law, sport science, psychology, and liberal arts. 

Members of the Class of 2023 exemplify HKA’s belief that students thrive when their individual pathway is their guide and that education can be much more than a one-size-fits-all experience. With onward destinations including Australia, Canada, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, the members of this class are going out into the world to take their next steps and will join HKA’s growing global alumni network. We wish them all the best for graduation and beyond and look forward to hearing how their journeys continue.

Class of 2023 - United Kingdom university acceptances

Class of 2023 - United Kingdom university acceptances

Class of 2023 - Finland, France, Netherlands and Switzerland university acceptances

Class of 2023 - United States university acceptances

Class of 2023 - United States university acceptances

Class of 2023 - Hong Kong university acceptances

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