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Three Cheers for Our Primary School Sports Day!

By Tracee Cook, Primary School Physical Education Teacher

Wednesday 31st March saw the HKA community come together to celebrate our annual Primary School Sports Day. From our pre-kindergarten learners to our Grade 5 student leaders, there was action from start to finish. Running races, jumping activities and team relays were just some of the activities on offer during the day. Although our physical environment was different this year, the atmosphere was unchanged. And how special it was to appreciate and make full use of our sporting facilities right here on campus!

The joys of seeing Tigers and Pandas Cheering, Dragons and Phoenixes chanting all added to the excitement of our Primary School Sports Day. HKA was truly alive with colour, excitement and a lot of physical activity. A huge thank you to all of the staff and faculty for their contribution to such a special day that is looked forward to by so many every year.

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