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Can my child select their meal by themselves at the cafeteria?

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  • Can my child select their meal by themselves at the cafeteria?
  • Because Grades Kindergarten through 3 have a very tight lunch schedule, we pre-box their lunches into bento boxes with the same fresh and wholesome food we serve all day to older students, faculty, and staff. We strongly encourage parents to select the meals online together with their child. If no meal is selected, our hkaEATS Chef personally selects the dish best suited to the child based on their dietary restrictions/allergies and personal preferences. If a student doesn’t like the lunch selected, and the parent has not given instruction, the student can ask for a different main dish.
  • Grades 4 through 12 queue up and make their own selections at the counter. While it is not required to pre-select meals for Grades 4 and 5, parents are strongly encouraged to pre-make meal selections with their children both to ensure parents know what their children are eating and because this helps guide daily preparation, which helps cut food waste.
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