Welcome to hkaEATS! View some of the delicious, healthy dishes that Chef Gary and his team serve up on a daily basis via @hkaeats on Instagram.
HKA parents can login to our hkaEATS online 'Campus' system and take advantage of the features available...
Primary Students (PK1-PK2):
- All PK parents will receive an account, but only After School Activities (ASAs) participants should use the account.
- PK bento lunches are exclusively for ASAs and not available to students who are not participating in an ASA on any given day.
Primary Students (K-G5):
- Subscribe and pre-pay for a Meal Plan online.
- Build a daily meal selection for your child.
- Parents can also order and pay for lunch for a single day or days.

PS students can then simply swipe their HKA Student ID card at the counter and collect their pre-paid meal.

​Secondary Students:
- Pay for meals at hkaEATS with the HKA Student ID card, cash or Octopus card.
- Daily spending limits can be applied to each individual student.
Payment Features:
- Value can be added to your account using a credit card.
- Account can also be recharged by cash at the cashier.
How To: