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We believe that every child is capable, competent and creative and our Early Years programme promotes independence and natural curiosity. 

We know that learning happens best in the early years through play, exploration and inquiry. Our Playgroup and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms offer environments that are interactive, safe and fun for every child. Our teachers have developed a play-based curriculum that inspires curiosity, collaboration and enthusiasm. This is complemented by our specialist teachers who provide rich, engaging opportunities for our youngest learners to express themselves through movement, art, music, language and literacy. The Early Years learning environment is sensory-rich and visually appealing, inviting children to take the lead and drive their own exploration through the use of a range of materials. 

The early years are the first building blocks of a child’s learning journey. As they begin to develop an awareness of the rituals and routines of school life, students in our Early Years programme are encouraged to express themselves through a wide range of structured and unstructured  experiences. We also recognise the important role of these first few years as a stepping stone to future learning and our programme provides a solid foundation for learners that is cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing. Each child is empowered to understand themselves and others and feel confident about their potential as a learner.  

33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR
香港學堂國際學校  新界西貢惠民路33號
+852 2655 1111

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