Secondary School

Whether you are a current member of our school community, a prospective parent, student, or educator, or just browsing, welcome to the HKA Secondary School!
We believe in a partnership of staff, students, families and community members where students are the central focus. As an IB World School, HKA develops the whole student and we empower learners to pursue pathways to individual excellence by fostering creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. We fulfill individual potential through providing outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning and encouragement and support for each student to help them find their strengths, define their paths and pursue their goals. The Secondary School Curriculum is based around two world-class education programmes: the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme  (IBMYP) for Grades 6 to 10 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for grades 11 and 12. Both programmes provide a broad, balanced and globally recognised curriculum that ensures all students have the chance to develop interests and abilities no matter where their individual strengths may lie.
Complementing our comprehensive curriculum HKA offers a wide-ranging athletic and co-curricular programme. With sports, clubs and activities, students have many opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom. Community service is also a significant part of the HKA educational experience. In addition, students take part in annual study trips to diverse locations in China. Through participation in these activities, our students forge strong bonds with others and are supported by teachers who are focused on nurturing young minds. These activities provide depth, richness and occasions to put into practice all the skills students have learned throughout their educational experience.
The Secondary School years are a time of rapid change and development and the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of students are diverse. Even the most confident students can struggle during these years, which is why the ethos of a school is so important. At HKA there is a strong sense of community. The genuine care and empathy shown for others ensures an inclusive environment that enables each student to find their place and flourish. The secondary years are also a period of self-discovery and sorting out personal strengths and challenge areas. HKA is a learning and training ground filled with possibilities. We encourage our students to aspire towards paths leading to a distinguished, rewarding and purposeful life.
We would encourage you to experience first-hand the welcoming, dynamic, engaging and inspirational learning environment at HKA. To arrange a conversation, tour or visit please contact our Admissions Office.
- Joanna Crimmins, Acting Secondary School Principal