Primary School

HKA's Primary School is a unique and exciting place that prides itself on the recognition that all children have gifts to be nurtured and shared. We have created an authentic learning environment by seeking a rich diverse balance in our students and teachers, which prepares students for the larger world they will grow into. Students learn compassion, empathy, tolerance and to celebrate each other’s strengths and differences whilst recognising commonalities and collaboratively support one another with those areas they may find challenging.
An integral part of the HKA Primary School is that we value how children learn as well as what they learn. This is accomplished by fostering a natural joy and interest in their social and natural world through hands-on interactions. We strive to support each child's natural curiosity by encouraging the process of questioning and a quest for knowledge rather than imparting knowledge onto them. Through reflection of their learning students become active participants in reaching out to different communities with different needs and perspectives from their own.
Our concept driven, inquiry based curriculum reflects our diverse student community as well as local, national and global events and issues. A rigorous and developmentally appropriate approach to literacy and mathematics are integrated into the PYP curriculum framework and ensure that students learn in a meaningful and relevant context. All Primary School students study Mandarin as an additional living language within the curriculum.
Small class sizes and low student teacher ratio allow for maximum flexibility in meeting student’s needs and provide a broad base for social interaction. As children grow, increasing scope and complexity are built into the curriculum to ensure that individual developmental needs are met and that children are challenged and stretched in their learning.
I hope you will take sometime to learn more about Hong Kong Academy through our website and gain a glimpse of the unique and exciting learning environment we provide for students, parents and our staff!
- Virginia Hunt, Primary School Principal